MakiemMiller2Belmont Abbey College announced today that Makiem Miller has been named Director of Campus Safety and Chief of Police. Miller, brings 20 years of service in law enforcement having most recently served with the New Haven, CT police department. Miller also holds an MA in Criminal Justice from the American Military University and a BS in Criminal Justice from Sacred Heart University.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to bring to Belmont Abbey College someone with such extensive experience.  Makiem has a unique combination of experience in working with College campuses and municipalities and a proven record as a pro-active and hands-on leader who understands how to achieve success” said Allan Mark, Chief Financial Officer.  “Makiem shares in our vision of cultivating a culture of excellence within the Department of Campus Safety and Police and the campus community as a whole in accordance with the college’s mission.  His values as a mentor, coach, teacher and father will be vital in his role here on campus.  I look forward to Makiem joining our team and to the immediate impact he will have on our campus safety and security.”

A native of West Haven, CT, Miller joined the Police Academy in June of 1996, and retired 20 years to the day before his official retirement year to join Belmont Abbey College. Miller, the first police officer in his family, graduated the academy and was assigned a walking beat on Congress Avenue in New Haven, where he would later buy a home. He served on that beat for three years before earning his detective’s badge. For 10 years as a detective he worked narcotics, arson, general investigations and was in the Special Victim’s Unit. He became a District Manager of the Whalley-Edgewood-Beaver Hill District in 2013 until he retired as a Lieutenant.

“Going through the hiring process, I really appreciated the great respect and ultimately the opportunity to be a leader in this professional community and family. I knew right away this is where I wanted to be. The Campus Police Department has an outstanding staff with great potential for growth to serve this college community with the utmost integrity and professionalism,” said Miller. “I am really looking forward to meeting all the students this coming fall semester.”

Miller has two children, a daughter who graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2014, and a son who is currently a sophomore at Central Connecticut State University who also serves in the Army National Guard. Miller plans to relocate in the Gaston County/Mecklenburg County area. Makiem will be located closer to his parents who reside in Albemarle, NC. His hobbies include baseball, softball, golf, exercising, reading and watching suspense mini-series.