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Do you have a 4-year college degree? Are you considering the possibility of teaching in a middle or high school classroom? We have the plan for you! Belmont Abbey College LEAP will help you reach your goal while you teach. We will get you there! All it takes is Monday and Wednesday evenings for two semesters, beginning in either January or August.

Lateral entry allows qualified individuals to obtain a teaching position in North Carolina and begin teaching right away, while acquiring a professional educator’s license as they teach. The path from lateral entry to full licensure can take as long as 3 years to complete through a menu of state-required classes at a variety of colleges. The Abbey LEAP pathway requires only 6 college classes completed during your first year of teaching! Or you may enter and complete LEAP while you apply for a position, or even while you’re just beginning to consider if the teaching profession is right for you.

First semester at BAC (MW 6:00-10:15 PM):

  • ED300 Introduction to Education
  • ED305 Introduction to Exceptional Children
  • ED310 Educational Development and Psychology
  • ED400 Classroom Management

Second semester at BAC (MW 6:00-8:00 PM):

  • ED407 Literacy and Assessment
  • ED415 Instruction and Curriculum for Secondary Classrooms

Here’s how the process works. You may apply for a North Carolina temporary license to teach if you have 24 hours of college credit in a field taught in NC secondary schools* or if you pass an exam based on the content of the field you wish to teach. With the coursework of LEAP and completion of one successful year of teaching, you are eligible to be fully licensed to teacHigh School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptopsh in North Carolina, with most other states recognizing the license as well.

Join us! You can make a world of difference in the lives of students while enjoying a satisfying and worthwhile career. Remember, teachers make all other professions possible!


* Middle School (grades 6-8): language arts, math, science, social studies

  High school (grades 9-12): business, anthropology, biology, chemistry, earth science, economics, English, geography, history, math, physics, political science, comprehensive science, comprehensive social studies, sociology

Have questions? Contact our Department of Education Chair:

Dr. Sara Davis Powell – Chair and Professor of Education
B.S., Southern Nazarene University
M.A., University of Colorado-Denver
Ph.D., University of Colorado-Denver

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