Reclaim the Game

Reclaim the Game is a movement to take back sport and make it what it was meant to be, a means for developing virtue. It can help you perform to your full potential: physically, mentally, spiritually.

“World-class performance and virtue are not mutually exclusive!” – Dr. Bill Thierfelder

thierfelder book Sport and VirtueReclaim the Game has been one of Dr. Bill Thierfelder’s key initiatives at Belmont Abbey College.

In addition to working with our athletic teams through workshops and his weekly podcast, he recently published Less Than a Minute to Go: The Secret to World-Class Performance in Sport, Business, and Everyday Life through St Benedict Press. All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Belmont Abbey College.

His weekly podcasts, “Playing with Fire,” are also posted to his Twitter feed. Click here to read about SPD at Belmont Abbey College from the student newspaper, The Crusader. Watch a video of one of Dr. Thierfelder’s student-athlete workshops, also featured in The Crusader.


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