The 2014 – 2015 Performing Arts Season Schedule

All performances begin at 8:00 P.M. The Belmont Abbey College Performing Arts Theatre is located in the Haid building.

If you prefer to buy tickets over the phone, please call: 704-461-6787.

stingSmallTHE STING: Adapted by David Rogers from the screenplay by David Ward

April 9,10,11 & 16,17,18

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8:00 P.M.

Directed by Jill Bloede

The excitement, maneuvers and comedy of the Paul Newman/Robert Redford screen triumph have been brilliantly adapted for stage production by one of the finest professional playwrights writing today. This show takes place in Chicago many years ago in a world of small-time hustlers and their girls, their money nonexistent but their ingenuity abundant. Johnny Hooker (a small-time grifter played by Redford in the film) joins a friend in a successful con of a “runner.” Unfortunately for them, the runner works for a powerful, vindictive rackets boss, Doyle Lonnegan, who is infuriated and arranges the killing of Johnny’s friend. Hoping to avenge this senseless murder, Johnny enlists the aid of the master con man Henry Gondorf (originally played by Newman). Together they decide to try the big con called “The Wire.” Structured in classic style, their first move is “The Set Up.” From there they proceed to “The Tale.” The tension mounts as they succeed and, with the powerful Lonnegan half-hooked, go on to “The Shut Out.” The excitement becomes explosive and a final scene, with switch upon switch upon switch, has the audience guessing and gasping as it builds to the final con movement, “The Sting!”



April 25

8:00 P.M.

A chance for an audience to experience the talents of our student directors in a series of scenes and/or one-act plays! Free to the public.

Theatre Staff:

Simon Donoghue, Director of Theatre

Jill Bloede, Associate Professor of Theatre

Gary Sivak, Technical Director

Annamarie Gatto, Resident Costumer