“He took utmost care and heed for his study. Not one word spoke he more than was necessary; And that was said with due formality and dignity And short and lively, and full of high morality. Filled with moral virtue was his speech; And gladly would he learn and gladly teach.” Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

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Abbey Spotlight 



Name: Maddie Skinner

Class: Junior

Major: Education with a minor in Theatre

Involved in: Hintemeyer, Theatre
“My experience at Belmont Abbey has been amazing. I’ve met lifelong friends, and taken classes with wonderful professors. My favorite experience so far

Gladly Blogged: Week in Review, April 25th Ed

Abbey Spotlight cassidy-resized spotlight


Name: Cassidy Coutinho
Class: Senior
Major: Psychology with a Minor in Biology
Involved in: Soccer, Cheerleading, Honors Program, Tri-Beta Biology Honors Society, Tutoring, Random Acts of Kindness, & The Cafeteria Social Butterfly Movement
“I really do believe everything happens for a reason. From

Gladly Blogged: Week In Review, April 11th Ed.


Abbey Spotlight 

 on Mary-Kate Reid (also known as “MK”)
Class: Senior
Major: Business with a concentration in Marketing, and Theology Minor
Involved in: Hintemeyer Program, FOCUS Student Missionary, and Ballroom Dancing Club
“I chose the Abbey because it felt like home.

Gladly Blogged: Week in Review, April 4th Ed


Abbey Spotlight 


Name: Kendall Ratliff
Class: Junior
Major: Business Management concentration in Marketing.
Involved in: The Varsity Men’s Basketball team
“Belmont Abbey definitely is a special place, almost immediately you begin to develop a relationship with those around you. From

The Power of the Resurrected One

The stone is rolled away from the grave on Easter morning. The stone is rolled away from the grave on Easter morning.

It is Easter, and today Christians all over the world are celebrating the event that defines them: the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the

The Joys and Woes: Reflections on the Lark


By Rebecca Sigler’17

I continuously underestimate the experience drawn from holding a raw script in hand and being gifted the opportunity to perfect one portion of it – your character, your part – in order to contribute to the composite.

Gladly Blogged: Week in Review, March 7th Ed.

Abbey Spotlight 


Name: Sarah Barry

Class: Senior

Major: Theology

Involved in: Honors, FOCUS

“It is not difficult to explain my reasons for choosing to come to school at the Abbey. It is

Father Arthur’s Lenten Recommendations


We asked Father Arthur for some reflections on Lent. He gave us a list of his favorite books to read during Lent. All of the books listed below can be found in our library, so make sure to check them out!


Lent with Saint Benedict by Bede

Gladly Blogged: Week In Review, Feb 29th Ed.

Abbey Spotlight 


Name: Aaron Huber

Class: Sophomore

Major: Theology

Involved in: Hintemeyer, Resident Assistant, Event Coordinator for the Bishop’s Youth Pilgrimage

“I love the incredible people here and their willingness to get to know you. The professors

Gladly Blogged: The Week in Review, Feb. 15th Ed.

Abbey Spotlight 



Name: Cadella “Candy” Ferdinand’17
From: Kingstown, St. Vincent, & the Grenadines
Double Major: Motorsports Management, Business Management. Minor in International Studies
Involved in: Altar Serving Ministry, Abbey Ambassador, International Club
“Travelling to the United States for the first time from a tourist destination island

The Conversation That We Seek

God's-Existence-PostBy Dr. Grattan Brown

The Villages, Florida is a city designed for and entirely inhabited by people who are 55-85 years old at this time in America. Everything there reflects their customs and values. The major activities consist of exercise–mainly golf, swimming, walking–and conversation, often

Four Meditations for Advent: Week Four

Bouguereau_Soul-Carried-to-Heaven-293x300Among the things we are waiting for this Advent is death.

Death is unavoidable. We wait for death every single day, whether we realize it or not. Mostly, we forget about it, which means that we do not consciously wait: we cover it over with

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