The Abbot Vincent Taylor Library is committed to the preservation and conservation of over 13,000 printed books, manuscripts and ephemera that make up the rarebooksRare Book Collection. Three temperature and security controlled rooms, comprising over 2,500 square feet are dedicated to housing the extensive collection, and are monitored daily by preservation staff.

These staff members are specialists in the field of book and paper conservation, and, above all, uphold a dedication to preserving library collections through preventative care and minimal intervention in order to maintain an object’s historical integrity and to allow safe accessibility for readers. Conservators, interns, and assistants are invested in all areas related to the conservation of the Rare Book Collection including safeguarding objects while in storage, in transit, and on display, and engage in research and ongoing professional development to best understand the needs of the collection. All treatments performed by preservation staff comply with the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.rarebooks3

The Abbot Vincent Taylor Library offers a Book Preservation Internship to one student per semester. To qualify for the internship, students must be in their junior or senior year, and in good academic standing. More information on the preservation internship and how to apply can be found here: Book Preservation Internship

Follow the link to see our Library Preservation Policy.

Belmont Abbey College’s Rare Book Collection consists of over 14,000 rare books, papers, objects and ephemera dating back to the 12th century. The Preservation Blog, Tracking The Hand: Preserving Manuscript to Print in Belmont Abbey’s Rare Book Collection, will attempt to document the preservation of this great collection. The Preservation blog will highlight stories from the current library renovation project as well as unique projects in the ongoing preservation of rare books. It is hoped that the blog will increase awareness of the collection and enhance an overall appreciation for the history and traditions of rare books in general, and of Belmont Abbey’s collection in particular.

Mrs. Alexandrea Pizza

Mrs. Alexandrea Pizza is the Director of Preservation and Curator of Rare Books for the Rare Book Collection at Belmont Abbey College. She holds a Bachelors in Fine Art from The University of the Arts, Philadelphia and completed her training as an apprentice to the Conservation Binders at The University of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries. Alexandrea is an elected officer of the Executive Board of Directors for the North Carolina Preservation Consortium (NCPC).

Follow her blog to stay up to date on all the changes to the rare book collection.

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