• a choice of subjects as decided by the student and his or her academic advisor
  • apply your knowledge to a wide range of subjects
  • develop an understanding of topics that interest you
  • creatively study subjects that are outside the traditional minors and majors
  • enjoy working independently and creatively
  • are analytical and organized in your thought process
  • the career of your choice

Department Mission:

The Liberal Studies major fosters students’ interests in a variety of disciplines, promotes a cross-disciplinary approach to their course of study, and reveals the ways in which such integration is fundamental to the Catholic, Benedictine liberal arts tradition. As we see in Ex Corde Ecclesiae, interdisciplinary studies, grounded in philosophy and theology, enable students to “develop a continuing desire for intellectual progress,” to grow in faith, and to become more aware of the dignity of human life, motivating them to work for God’s glory and for the benefit of their neighbor.

Departmental Goals:

A primary goal of this interdisciplinary major is to encourage students in the breadth of their studies, while ensuring that they craft a cohesive and integrated plan for their coursework. The Liberal Studies thesis is the capstone course for this major, and provides students an opportunity to incorporate the various aspects of their studies into a larger research project. The program also seeks to serve transfer students, who are able to incorporate many of their transferred credits into the Liberal Studies major.

(This option is available for Adult Degree Program students only.) Any ADP student who has not previously attended college or has not been enrolled full-time during the past three (3) years must enroll in AD101 Adult to College Transition.

Major requirements

Every student majoring in Liberal Studies must maintain at least a “C” average (2.00) in his or her major courses. Any course counted toward a major requirement cannot also be counted towards a minor requirement.

  • BU 315 – Business Communications
  • CS elective
  • 300/400 Level Course
  • 300/400 Level Course
  • 300/400 Level Course
  • 300/400 Level Course
  • 300/400 Level Course
  • 300/400 Level Course
  • 300/400 Level Course
  • 300/400 Level Course
  • LS 308 – Research Methods and Writing
  • LS 408 – Liberal Studies Thesis*

*This is the capstone course for the Liberal Studies major. It consists of independent work carried out under the guidance of a faculty member with credentials in a discipline appropriate to the topic. The work will culminate in a thesis that will be graded by the faculty supervisor and the Coordinator of Liberal Studies. The grade is subject to the approval of the Academic Dean’s office. Other Courses

  • General Electives

It is the student’s responsibility to see that all degree requirements for graduation are fulfilled.


Program Coordinator: 

Beth Kreitzer - Coordinator of Liberal Studies
B.A., Stanford University
M.A., Duke University
Ph.D., Duke University