• Building business careers in the multi-billion dollar motorsports industry through partnerships with sanctioning bodies, teams, tracks, media, sponsors, agencies and attractions
You’ll enjoy the Abbey’s Motorsports Management Major if you
  • have broad interests in business functions such as marketing, finance, etc.
  • enjoy racing
  • want to motivate and lead people in a competitive business environment
  • organize information well
  • possess good communication skills
Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in motorsports management at Belmont Abbey College are part of a unique, business-centered motorsports program.
  • Take advantage of the Abbey’s proximity to motorsports venues in Charlotte, including the Charlotte speedway and the NASCAR hall of fame, to build practical knowledge and broaden your experience.
  • Inform your motorsports career with the wisdom and depth of mind of a Catholic liberal arts focus.

In this major, you will have the opportunity to intern at hundreds of local businesses in the Charlotte area, putting your career on the fast- track.

With a motorsports management bachelor’s degree from Belmont Abbey College, you will be able to pursue a variety of Motorsports-based opportunities such as:

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Management
  • Logistics
  • Mechanics
  • Sponsor Relations
North Carolina is arguably the biggest state in the world of motorsports. This makes Belmont Abbey an excellent place to get your motorsports career on track with a solid, business-focused motorsports curriculum and a plethora of local opportunities.

The Abbey Difference:

Guided by the tenets of Catholicism and the Benedictine hallmarks, Belmont Abbey College strives to provide its students with a well-rounded education that promotes wise and ethical decisions. The Motorsports Management degree integrates real world business case study platforms, national collegiate competition, top industry leaders, and unmatched internship opportunities with a liberal arts foundation and the Benedictine hallmarks of stewardship, community, and discipline. No other Motorsports Management program in the country offers the quality, depth of curriculum, and top-notch teaching of Belmont Abbey College.

For more information, visit the Motorsports Management website

Highlights of your experience:

These courses highlight the some of the ideas and authors you will consider as a Motorsports Management major at Belmont Abbey College.

Familiarizes students with the principles and practices of contemporary public relations. Students enrolled in this class have the opportunity to build and develop a motorsports-themed event.
Students will develop a personal portfolio of work and projects to show to employers in the motorsports industry. This portfolio includes a senior capstone project produced in this class, which examines a contemporary issue of business in motorsports.

Program Requirements:

(This option is available for traditional students only.)

Lower-level courses to be completed prior to enrolling in any 300 or 400 level Sport Management course: 6 hours

  • SM 200 History, Culture, & Philosophy of Sport
  • MS 201 Introduction to Motorsports Management

All of the following:

  • SM 310 Organizational Theory & Leadership in Sport
  • MS 320 Administration, Governance, and Policy in Motorsports
  • MS 330 Motorsports Marketing
  • MS 340 Motorsports Facility and Event Management
  • SM 350 Sport Law and Risk Management
  • MS 360 Motorsports Business and Finance
  • MS 370 Public Relations and Media in Motorsports

SM Senior Capstone courses:

  • MS 410 Senior Seminar I
  • MS 411 Senior Seminar II
  • MS 456 Internship (6 hours)

Required Business Courses

  • EC 201 Introduction to Economics
  • BU 265 Spreadsheet and Database Applications
  • BU 315W Business Communication

Other Courses

  • General elective courses

It is the student’s responsibility to verify that all degree requirements for graduation are fulfilled.




Dr. Andy Rudd – I became a professor not to simply be a scholar but to share my knowledge and excite others about learning. It is those teaching and learning moments and the opportunity to help students grow as people that makes being a professor a highly rewarding career.

Mary Beth Chambers – Visiting Assistant Professor of Motorsports Management
B.A., University of Kentucky
M.Ed., Bowling Green State University

Andrew Rudd – Assistant Professor of Sport Management
B.S., Lewis-Clark State College
M.S., University of Idaho
Ph.D., University of Idaho

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