• fundamentals of legal studies that will prepare a student for law school
  • take a liberal-studies approach to government and law
  • have a virtue-based foundation in legal studies
  • you desire to study law or law enforcement
  • law school
  • legal careers

Department Mission: Certain majors are usual precursors to law school. We recommend majoring in English, History, or Government and Political Philosophy, because these disciplines hone the particular skills needed for success in law school. However, since a high cumulative grade point average in a student’s undergraduate studies considerably improves his or her chances for admission to any law school, students should major in any field that genuinely interests them and in which they excel.

In addition to selecting an academic major, students intending to go to law school may also undertake an interdisciplinary minor in Pre-Law. The minor consists of a fifteen- (15) hour curriculum of courses carefully selected to hone the skills necessary to gain admission to law school and succeed once there.

  • PL 200 – Skill Development for Pre-Law
  • PL 201 – Skill Development for Pre-Law
  • PL 202 – Skill Development for Pre-Law
  • PH 323 – Advanced Logic
  • PO 309 – Constitutional Law I
  • BU 412 – Legal Environment of Business
  • SS 300 – Fundamental Statistics for Social Science

It is the student’s responsibility to see that all degree requirements for graduation are fulfilled.

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