Traditional Students Orientation Frequently Asked Questions

(Non-Traditional (23+) orientation information is located here)


When do students move in?

Move in day for new students and the first day of orientation is Friday, August 14th, 2015.


When does orientation start?

While the check-in process begins at 9:00am on Friday August 14th, 2015 at 9:00am. Your orientation experience officially begins with the Welcome Ceremony at 2:00pm on Friday August 14th, 2015. The welcome ceremony is a time for the President, the Abbot and administration of the school to welcome you and your family to Belmont Abbey College. Orientation is August 14th-16th, 2015 and all sessions of orientation are mandatory. Please make your plans accordingly.


What is the check-in process?

Whether you are a residential student or a commuter, the first step for everyone is orientation check-in located in the science building. If you are a residential student, only after you check-in at the science building can you go and check in at the residential halls. After check-in, make sure to go to the bookstore and pick up your books!


When will I get my books?

You can order your books ahead of time online here and they will be ready for you when you arrive on Friday. You can also pick them up after orientation, just before classes begin on Monday, August 17.  Books are not included in the tuition cost and you are encouraged but not obliged to purchase them from our on –campus Barnes & Noble bookstore.


Why should I attend orientation?

Your orientation experience will set you up for success during your time here at the Abbey and beyond. Studies show that students who attend and engage in their freshman orientation are more likely to graduate than those who do not. Not only will you hear about all of the resources and exciting activities that are yours as a student of Belmont Abbey College but there is a good chance that the friends you make over your orientation weekend will be the same friends you graduate with. As you can see, orientation is very important and is therefore mandatory for all incoming students to Belmont Abbey College.


I’m a transfer student. Do I need to attend?

Yes. Wherever you are coming from, we want to welcome you to the Abbey. You will learn about what we have here at Belmont Abbey to help you engage and succeed in your college career. You will also hear about the story, mission and identity of the college and how you fit into that narrative. All new student orientation programming is mandatory for transfers and commuters. Additionally, there is a special session for transfer and commuter students on Friday, August 15th, 2014. More information on the particulars of that session will be announced as we get closer to August.


With whom will I experience orientation?

If you are a first time, first year college student, you get to spend it with your First Year Symposium class so you can begin to form those friendships from the very beginning. We will make sure our transfer students get to spend as much time together as well. Each orientation group is led by two enthusiastic orientation leaders who will guide you through the weekend and answer any questions you may have.

You are the class of 2019. Get to know those with whom you will matriculate and graduate!


How will I know which group is mine?

You will find out on Friday of orientation who is in your group. At orientation check-in, you will get a name tag. On that name tag, there will be a number that corresponds to your FYS group and thus your orientation group. Please make sure to wear your orientation name tag throughout the weekend.


Will I have any free time?

We pack a lot of vital information in a few days and it is important that you make each session. The talks and presentations will be balanced with fun activities designed to help you get to know your classmates and connect with your new home. There are scavenger hunts, competitions, dances, activities and team building exercises. There is some free time for you to walk around, get settled, ask questions and get to know your new home!


I’m an athlete. Do I have to go to orientation?

Orientation is mandatory for all incoming students because it will set you up for success here at the Abbey and you will learn about your new home. Most fall sports teams will already be on campus a few days before orientation begins but they too must be at all orientation exercises. Coaches will often have team meetings during the weekend but they will not interfere with orientation sessions.


What do I do about food for orientation?

If you are residential student, you are required to have a meal plan and your plan will begin on Saturday of orientation (8/15/15). If you are a commuter student, please contact the Office of Student Life (704-461-6724) and we will make sure to have you on the list to join us for meals on Friday. Each family will be given tickets for lunch and dinner on Friday. For logistical purposes, we must limit the meals to 3 lunches and 3 dinners per family for Friday of orientation. All programming and events for parents and families is completed on the evening of Friday, August 14.


Will there be any orientation for parents?

Yes. As parents, you are becoming a part of the Abbey community as well! We have presentations and programming for you beginning after the welcome ceremony on Friday and ending with a parent social with the president in the dining hall. We cannot wait to have you come and be part of our family! Look for the parent schedule to be posted on the website soon.


Where do I go when I get to the Abbey?

First stop is the science building to check in.


Who should come to move-in and orientation?

We know that sending your child off to college is a big event for you and your family. We also know that everyone may want to come in support of your child. For space and logistical reasons, we ask that only the incoming student and their parents attend orientation exercises. We find that it is easier for you to engage in orientation if you are able to focus your time and energy into learning about your child’s new home and how you can facilitate their success in college.


Will I be able to meet my student’s coaches?

Yes! There will be a time set aside for students and parents to meet and interact with the athletics staff. Stay tuned for time and location of that session.


Where can I get a schedule?

Check back on this page often for the most up to date orientation schedules. Please check back often as times and locations are subject to change as we get closer to orientation.