What do our students say?

View the videos below to hear what students have to say about Belmont Abbey. For alumni stories click here.

JJ Kuhlman
Year:  Senior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

“The coaches not only help me on the court, but they’ve been great mentors and great role models… they’ve taught me a lot of life lessons.”

Marina Hart
Year:  Senior
Major: Math
Hometown: Charleston, SC

“Being here has taught me to integrate my faith into my everyday decisions and actions… building friendships with the monks has just been amazing.”

Steph-Yves Louis
Year:  Senior
Major:  Math
Hometown: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

“I never thought that I would major in math…here was the perfect place for me to do it because of the support of the professors. Math is a challenging subject…with the great support of my professors I’ve managed to do well in all of my classes. My dream is to go back to Haiti and build a system that will benefit thousands, maybe millions of people. The college prepared me for this by introducing me to love…if you do something with love there are no hurdles that will stand in your way.  ”

Sean Faherty
Year:  Senior
Major:  Business
Hometown: Greensboro, NC

“I was attracted to Belmont Abbey College mainly for the teaching environment.  The Business Department is one of the best because critical thinking is encouraged; with the average class size being roughly 15, the learning environment is perfect for class participation.  This allows the focus to be on student development and fosters professional growth.”

Brigid Donohue
Year:  Senior
Major:  Government & Political Philosophy
Hometown: Winterville, NC

“It is a home and a community that you come into.  It’s not just a college. And also because the people here are what this institution so wonderful. So the faculty, the staff, the monks , and then the students themselves. You meet students from all walks of life and you meet students from across the world.”

Cassidy Coutinho
Year:  Junior
Major:  Psychology
Hometown: Cornelius, NC

“The school just had such a good vibe. I just fell in love with it without meaning to.”


Daniel Callahan
Year:  Senior
Major: English
Hometown: Fair-fax, VA

“Once you meet new people, and find something here that you’re interested in, it really becomes a great experience.”

Maggie Gallaher
Year:  Senior
Major: English
Hometown: Hot Springs, AR

“I went around searching for colleges around home but none of them dazzled me as much as the Abbey I think. It’s really difficult to get to know people in five minutes but here there just seems to be an openness and a real beauty about their acceptance of people.”

Katy Connery
Year:  Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Long Beach, NY

“The Abbey is definitely a home away from home…I think that people find that once you get a good group of friends, and start meeting professors and stuff, it doesn’t feel like you’re so far away from home.”

Written Perspectives

Scott Lynch – Class of 2015
Major: History
Hometown: San Diego, CA

“The history department at Belmont Abbey College has given me a chance to develop capabilities I had not thought I was capable of achieving. I have constantly found that my teachers were always willing and eager to help me persevere in difficulty and to fulfill my potential. In the summer of 2014 I was given a wonderful opportunity to work as an intern at the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. My experience as a history major at the Abbey has helped prepare me for the internship, and I am forever grateful for the love and care the department has provided me as a student.”

Sarah Bathon
Year:  Junior
Major:  Elementary Education
Hometown: Greenville, SC

“I initially came to Belmont Abbey simply because it was one of the only schools that was still accepting students in July for the Fall semester.  After arriving and becoming a part of the community, I fell in love and couldn’t imagine leaving.  The spirit of the community, the classes, the people, and campus itself became my home away from home.  My college experience continues to encourage me and push to grow and flourish academically and spiritually in ways that cannot be found anywhere else.”

Brigid Wilson
Year:  Senior
Major:  Psychology
Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

“I came to the Abbey for many reasons – the usual suspects of faith, education, and small community.  But the real question is why do I stay?  Because of the people.  The people of Belmont Abbey are one of a kind, and the friendships I’ve made here surpass all of my expectations!”

Kurt Ferreira
Year:  Senior
Major:  English
Hometown: Turlock, CA

“When I came to the Abbey I felt a sense of community.  When you arrive, you become a unique part of the Abbey.  No matter where you go, you will be taking a small part of the Abbey with you.”

JoJo Ruedisueli
Year:  Senior
Major:  English
Hometown: Norfolk, VA

 “The Abbey has become my home; where the college has given me many opportunities and gifts that I use each day.  Belmont Abbey College also encourages me to give back not because I have to, but because I want to.  I’m a Student Ambassador in the Admissions Office and it gives me great joy to show off my campus to prospective students and their parents.  I look at it this way, I am contributing to the future of the Abbey while preparing for my own future of professional endeavors.”

Montana Rindahl
Year:  Senior
Major: English (Honors Institute Fellow)
Hometown: Columbia, SC

“As a student homeschooled K-12, I only looked at small schools because I wanted a low student-to-teacher ratio. The Abbey has provided that and so much more! All of my professors know me personally and are invested in knowing me in and out of the classroom–knowing about my major, my sport, my family, friends and interests. It’s like having lots of extra, really brilliant parents that give you homework (which isn’t actually very different from just having parents).”