Get Ahead at the Abbey

Are you a high-school student looking to get a jump-start on your college career? Do you want to complete some science or math classes as well as get college credit? Well, look no further, because Belmont Abbey is now offering dual-enrollment for high school students!

Here are the details:

  • High school students who are at least sophomores are eligible
  • Up to 9 credit hours (each class is worth 3 credit hours) per semester
  • Fall and Spring semesters
  • $60 per credit hour
  • Free for Charlotte Catholic/Christ the King/St. Anne Catholic School/Catholic Homeschool students
  • Learn from elite faculty in a small class setting
  • Get a taste of the unique Belmont Abbey College experience
  • Enjoy our beautiful campus

Take advantage of the high-quality classes available at the Abbey. Start taking your first steps toward a successful college career!

Click here to apply

When applying, please note on the application that you are a dual-enrolled student. Students wishing to join the dual-enrollment program must provide a letter of permission from their high school. Contact Nicole Focareto,  with any questions.


Answers to FAQS

  • All dual enrollment High Schools students need to apply to Belmont Abbey College as if applying as college freshmen.
  • We need a High School transcript to complete the application (test scores are not required.)
  • General courses offered for the first dual enrolled semester are 100-level or 200-level courses
  • Some popular courses for dual enrolled students include – Rhetoric 101, Rhetoric 102, College Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Theatre courses, Intro to Psych, Intro to Business, Intro to Criminal Justice, theology courses, history courses (specifically US History), and sometimes Biology 101
  • Online courses are not available for dual enrollment at this time.
  • Students generally enroll in 1-2 courses.  Some of our more advanced dual enrollment students will enroll in 3 or more, but never in the first semester.
  • Credits are transferrable to other colleges of choice but GPA’s do not transfer.  If a student eventually enrolls at BAC, the GPA they earned in dual-enrolled college courses stays with them for their college career
  • Dual enrollment students will not be guaranteed certain courses.  They are registered after our first Crusader Prep Day for new Fall 2016 students so families can plan to know for sure what is available around June 20th.
  • Margot Rhoades, Registrar, will call all admitted dual enrolled students to schedule individual appointments to register for courses in late June/early July.
  • Orientation for dual enrollment students will occur in August before classes begin.  Date to be determined…