Krista Jasso- Weddington High School, El Paso, TX

KristaJassoI am originally from El Paso, Texas but I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina about 9 years ago. In June I graduated from Weddington High School and it is about the size of the Abbey (student wise). I have been dancing since I could walk and I have been a dance teacher at a local studio for the past 4 years. I come from a Mexican-American family so growing up as devout Catholics it was really interesting to learn about traditions of my Mexican heritage.

I really enjoy English and Marketing! I’ve grown up with a family that has always been involved in business so I’ve just always been attracted to that. I was an officer of DECA in high school and I just loved everything about it. I also enjoy English because I feel just as we hear music and like a song, we can do the same to a story. A musician is simply telling a story just like an author or in fact a dancer as well.
The Abbey is home. From the first moment you drive onto campus, it just feels like this is the place where you belong. There is something special about the Abbey that no other college has, and it’s almost as if you get a sense of peace when you are there. I’m excited to see what the Abbey has in store for me for these next 4 years and especially all the adventures waiting to happen!
I would like to be Lucky Charms because I’ve loved them since I was little and they are absolutely delicious! Or is it magical? Anyways, they are also a good balance because you do have your sugary marshmallows which are fun, but you also have the oats that keep you grounded and make sure you don’t have a sugar overload. So it’s just a good balance which is what I try to have in my daily life.
I think the Abbey has too many things for me to just pick one thing that I am excited for! I’m excited to dive into the liberal arts studies and explore with that, but also the Christian atmosphere that goes with it. Christ says that if you put Him at the center of your life then everything else will fall into place and I believe that is why the Abbey is so beautiful in every way.
I would like to major in Business Management with a minor in theology. I’m not sure what I would like to do after college but I’m hoping to travel and just see where God wants to take me with my life.

John Wilson – Homeschooled, Hartland, ME

JohnCropped1I was homeschooled growing up. I participated in sports through the local public schools. I graduated in Maine in 2013, and was accepted to Belmont Abbey and the Hintemeyer program but delayed entry by a year so I could enlist in the Marine Corps reserve. I went to Boot Camp in June 2013. I’m coming in this year as a wrestler and Hintemeyer.

I enjoy sports and lifting, and reading military history or some classic literature, along with cooking and music.
I was able to spend some time on campus before deciding to come here and was really impressed with the environment. The staff seemed great, the teachers really knowledgeable, and I liked the Catholic and liberal arts focus.
I’d have to say World War II. Going through boot camp we were taught a lot about the Marines who participated in war, and it was a defining era not just for our nation as a whole but especially for our military, including the Marine Corps. I’ve always been fascinated by what ordinary men were able to accomplish during this conflict. This “Greatest Generation” established a legacy that the Marine Corps and our country are still called to live up to.
I’m looking forward to the challenge, but also the opportunity to better myself and meet a lot of new people from diverse backgrounds.

Elizabeth Brandolini – Homeschooled, Albany, NY


I’m originally from Albany, New York. My family and I moved to North Carolina in 2008. I’ve been home-schooled through all my years of schooling.

I’m interested in crafts (crocheting, knitting, stuff like that), jigsaw puzzles, and sketching.
I picked the Abbey because I’m very familiar with the college and the campus (which helps with finding my way around) and because of the professors at the Abbey.
If I suddenly became a turtle, seeing as I would like to be a sea turtle, I would first find an ocean as fast as I possibly could. Once I found the ocean, I would go explore all the coral reefs.
I’m most excited about the different classes I will be taking. Currently, I’m looking forward to taking Intro to Stagecraft because I can’t wait to see how to make all the different props and how to put together a play.
I’m not exactly sure what I want to study yet. I’m thinking about maybe English or Theology, but I’m really not sure.

Joshua Brand – Homeschooled, Marietta, GA

JoshuaCroppedI’m from Marietta, Georgia, and I was happily homeschooled through my high school years! I’m the middle child of three, and my older sister is currently enrolled at Belmont with me. I’m also an Eagle Scout of Troop 75 and was Peer Ministry Chair at Transfiguration Catholic Church, just to name two things I’m really proud of.

Well, firstly, I enjoy playing my violin. I’ve been taught for almost nine years. Second, I love to act, as I’ve been in quite a few plays back at my home parish, and it’s a great way to just go crazy being a different person. Thirdly, I took ballroom dancing lessons throughout high school, so dancing is a great pastime of mine. Lastly, as a Boy Scout, I particularly appreciate the outdoors. It’s great to see the wonders of nature!
After my sister was enrolled, she said that she really enjoyed it there, so that really gave me an idea of what I might do. Also, the campus has such a nice environment! The teachers and staff here seem very friendly, and I get the feeling that they’d love nothing more than to help me succeed. I know that Belmont will be the best place for me to grow and learn.
Question it for about an hour, then join in! I have no idea how to hand-walk, but I’d try my hardest to learn.
Probably the idea of having a down-to-earth community to make friends with and love. I think that I’ll really grow to the fullest with examples like these, and I know they’ll encourage me to study my hardest. The idea of spending four years with some of these people greatly excites me!
Major-wise, I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps Theology or Business Management? As far as minors go, however, I’d like to study Computer Science.