Bridget Franer: Senior, Sports Management major/English minor, Felix Hintemeyer Catholic Leadership
Fayetteville, Ohio

“Belmont Abbey has truly become a second home for me. After being homeschooled K-12, I was looking for a small school environment where I could play tennis and receive a liberal arts education while also growing in my Catholic faith. Through the Godly people I’ve had the great benefit of meeting here, whether it be friends, coaches, professors, or the monks, I’ve found a second family that has formed and prepared me for the rest of my life.”

Montana Rindahl: Junior, English Major, Honors Institute Scholar, Columbia, South Carolina

“As a student homeschooled K-12, I only looked at small schools because I wanted a low student-to-teacher ratio. The Abbey has provided that and so much more! All of my professors know me personally and are invested in knowing me in and out of the classroom–knowing about my major, my sport, my family, friends and interests. It’s like having lots of extra, really brilliant parents that give you homework (which isn’t actually any different from just having parents).”