The Answer to Affording a Private Catholic College

Belmont Abbey College introduces the Bishop Abbot Leo Haid Fellowship: a unique, new degree program that enables you to enjoy a full-time, quality, Catholic, liberal arts education with both a residential and online experience. With the Haid Fellowship you’ll can earn your four-year degree in as little as three years. You’ll share this unique fellowship with a group of equally talented peers–and save more than 60% over the average cost of a private college education. We’ve combined the best of two worlds — an interactive online program and a true, residential, Catholic college experience.

Meet the Haid Fellows: 2016

A Spiritual Foundation

Defining Moment as a Haid Fellow

Here’s how it works: Haid Fellowship First Year

  • Summer Semester — Live on campus, get your college ID, meet your Haid Fellowship peers, begin your studies, and experience college life.
  • Fall & Spring Semesters – Take courses online as well as receive academic advising from our outstanding faculty, experience the Abbey via the net, stay connected to your classmates, participate in clubs, and follow your Crusader teams via live streaming.

Haid Fellowship Second Year

  • Summer Semester — Live on campus, deepen friendships with your classmates, welcome the next generation of Haid Fellows and declare your major.
  • Fall & Spring Semesters — Live on campus, focus on your major, become a Haid Fellowship leader at the Abbey.

Haid Fellowship Third Year

  • Fall & Spring Semesters — Live on campus, complete your coursework — graduate in as little as three years!

A Unique Cohort With the Haid Fellowship, we’re looking for a particular group of individuals with the skill, initiative and commitment to contribute to a unique experience for all.

Going Online

Fast Friends

The Faculty wants YOU to Succeed!

Faculty Academic Suuport

If you think you have what it takes–apply today! As a cohort you’ll share classes, experiences, professors and friendships that will last a lifetime. We’re doing all we can to make your life at the Abbey one to remember. In each of your summers you’ll get involved in:

  • Community Service
  • Spiritual Enrichment: Vespers with the monks, Rosary at the Grotto, Daily & Sunday Mass
  • Adventure Days at the U.S.National Whitewater Center
  • Academic Challenge Competitions
  • Weekly Bowling Nights
  • Museum & Performing Arts in Charlotte
  • Book Clubs
  • Leadership Groups
  • Friday Night Live in downtown Belmont

Skip Public 2 & 4-Year Colleges

For many students the cost of a private education can have you considering public or community college options–now you don’t have to choose. You can begin your college life and lay a firm foundation for your degree with the Haid Fellowship. With our highly interactive online programs during your first Fall and Spring semesters you’ll have the flexibility to work and save additional dollars for your college education while enrolled as a full-time student at the Abbey. Plus you are always welcome to campus any time to attend or participate in any of our events, clubs or activities.

Graduate in as Little as Three Years

Most Haid Fellows are juniors at the end of their first year in the program, and ready to declare a major. You’ll always be a Haid Fellow with a cohort of friends and faculty that will continue to support you. As a Junior you’ll focus on your major and be ready to complete your degree with the goal of graduating in 3 years. Graduating sooner, means you’ll save, but you’ll still have the benefit of the friendships, experiences and a private, Catholic, liberal arts education that will prepare you for an exceptional future.



Haid Fellowship Curriculum

 RequirementsCredit HoursStudent Experience
Summer Semester (Freshman) [After HS Graduation]
First Year Seminar
Student's Choice (3 credit hours)
Lab (1 credit hour)
7On campus
Fall Semester
History 1
Literature 1
Political Philosophy 1
Theology 1
Spring Semester
History 2
Literature 2
Political Philosophy 2
Theology 2
Introduction to Psychology
Summer Semester (Sophomore)No set curriculum, start on major12-15On campus
Fall Semester
Major requirements15-18On campus
Spring Semester
Major requirements16-18On campus
Summer (Junior)
No classes/ requirementsN/AN/A
Fall Semester
Major requirements16-18On campus
Spring Semester
Major requirements15-18On campus

Within 15 months of starting your degree, you could be a Junior. Dual enrollment and transfer credits could lessen your required credit hours per semester.

A Cost That Fits Your Budget

We know that every family is special, and every budget is unique. That’s why we’ve developed payment options that are designed to fit your needs. Want to ease in with low payments in the first four semesters? Want to break it up evenly over three years? Whichever you prefer we have an option for you.

With completion of your FAFSA you’ll be eligible for loans and grants to help further reduce your out of pocket costs. For your first four semesters your total tuition, room and board is only $20,341. Compared to the national cost of a private education in those first four semesters, you’ll save more than 70% with a Haid Fellowship.

For your final four semesters, based on your GPA you’ll be eligible for our highest institutional awards to keep your costs down. Over the course of 8 semesters you’ll save more than 60% on your degree.

Note: Online courses are not available in all states, inquire to confirm if students in your state can participate.