Welcome to Greek Life at Belmont Abbey College! We have an active Greek system with three sororities (Tau Kappa Delta, Alpha Sigma Pi, and Epsilon Sigma Alpha) and two fraternities (Sigma Alpha and Kappa Sigma). Greek organizations at the Abbey offer students the opportunity to enhance their college experience in a unique environment. Our Greek organizations plan a number of activities throughout the year, such as the annual Halloween Carnival and Christmas at the Abbey, two events which reach out to local children. Greek Life also hosts the Winter Formal, which is open to all students.  Most importantly, each organization supports a philanthropy through fundraising, community service, and awareness events. Formal recruitment for the sororities fraternities are held in both the fall and spring semester.

Greek Contact Seth Sherrin, in Residence Life: SethSherrin@bac.edu

For more information, contact The Office of Student Life 704-461-6724.

Epsilon Sigma Alpha

Claudia Baeza-President


Kappa Sigma

Nick Montgomery-President


Tau Kappa Delta

Brett Linkenhoker-President


Alpha Sigma Pi

Hayley Russell-President


Sigma Alpha

Thomas Eichorn – President


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