Kappa Sigma Fraternity Kappa Sigma Fraternity’s mission is to always follow these four pillars: Scholarship, Fellowship, Leadership, and Service. Through Scholarship, each Kappa Sigma is committed to promoting academic achievement and assist each member in achieving their academic potential. Through Fellowship, the creation of lifelong friendships is a primary benefit of Fraternity membership. As Brothers, our members have an obligation to have a caring concern for the welfare of our members. Through Leadership, We teach men social skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. The multitude of leadership opportunities available through the Fraternity prepares members for success in their chosen careers. Kappa Sigma Fraternity should instill a sense of responsibility and integrity. The dignity of all persons shall always be respected. Through Service, Members, individually and collectively, should work toward the betterment of their campus and community and in so doing contribute to the betterment of themselves. Every Kappa Sigma Fraternity embodies these traits.

President ( Nick Montgomery ): nicholasamontgomery@abbey.bac.edu

Sigma Alpha

Sigma Alpha Fraternity was founded on August 26, 1995 after branching off of Pi Kappa Phi who was founded on Belmont Abbey campus on April 26, 1969.

Mission Statement: A diverse group of individuals coming together to create a virtuous and humble community.

 Our foundation is based on brotherhood, chivalry, and instilling a better sense of community involvement. Along with creating a more diverse and inclusive group of individuals, we strive to equip our brothers with the skills necessary to become contributing members in society by offering them opportunities to grow through leadership positions, mentorship from older, more experienced brothers, and campus and community involvement that can’t be offered through non-greek organizations. Our organization contributes to two different philanthropic organizations over the course of a school year. We raise funds for Habitat for Humanity and the Lymphoma Society in the Fall and Spring respectively. Our organization offers the opportunity to branch out and expand social networks through the use of our expansive alumni network in the Charlotte N.C. area and across the nation.

President ( Thomas Eichorn): thomasceichorn@abbey.bac.edu