March 8, 2014 – March 16, 2014 all-day

(Day) Mid-semester break – No classes

Request for Break Housing

Dear Residential Students:

The semester is moving on and Spring Break is upon us.  The halls will be closing for break on Saturday, March 8 at 9:00 am and will reopen on Sunday, March 16 at 2:00 pm.  In order to make this a smooth closing we ask that you do the following:

               Turn off lights                                                                                                                

               Close and lock all windows/blinds lowered but open

              Room clean/floor clean

              Remove all trash to outside dumpster

              All appliances unplugged including refrigerators

               Lock door

               Return room key to Residence Life Office and sign the check out roster during office hours      

Your RA will double check your room after checkout.  Failure to properly check-out could result up to a $50 fine charged to your student account for the check list items in addition to a $50 non-compliance judicial violation.


Can’t Go Home?

Should you be unable to leave campus you will be required to complete a Request for Break Housing form to request to stay on campus during times when the Residence Halls/Apartments are closed.   Completion of this form is an application to request approval.  Please note the following policies:


Staying on campus means that you agree to the following conditions in order to stay in the residence halls/apartments while they are officially closed:

·   I understand that I may be charged the nightly rate of $15.00.

·   I understand the dining facility will be closed and I will be responsible for my own meals.

·   I understand that the College is not responsible for my personal belongings any more so than it is during the normal school year and any unattended valuables left in my room are at my own risk.

·   I understand that the Maintenance and Housekeeping Departments and the Residence Life staff may be in and out of rooms for facility repairs, cleaning, health and safety inspections etc.

·   I understand that check-out procedures still apply as outline in the Student Handbook.  It is my responsibility to make arrangements with the Residence Life Office.

·   I understand that if I violate any campus policy, I will be required to leave campus immediately and will not be permitted to return until the residence halls/apartments reopen.

·   Break Housing Rules:

oAll common areas must be kept neat and clean. Everyone is responsible for their trash by placing it in the appropriate dumpsters.

oAll policies of the Student Handbook must be upheld at all times.  Additional break policies include:

§No outside guests or unapproved students/residents are allowed on campus after 9:00 pm during the break.
§24-hour quiet hours will be enforced

The Request for Break Housing form is attached or one can be picked up in the Residence Life Office and must be returned no later than 9:00 am Tuesday, March 4,  2014.  Failure to do so could result in additional charges. Anyone without a sponsor (college staff or faculty member) will be charged the nightly rate.