Required Forms: Due July 1

  • Student Medical History form to be completed by the student
  • Immunization form which must be completed with physician signature or clinic stamp. Your health care provider may attach a computer printout providing it has your name, date of birth, health care facility name.

Recommended Form:

  • Physical Exam form which is highly encouraged for new incoming students to be completed by their physician prior to attending Belmont Abbey College.

The State of North Carolina mandates that all students must provide their immunization records to the school they are attending. Per state requirements, students will not be permitted to attend class if the state immunization requirements are not met by the state’s timeline.

Student Athletes:  Must complete the Wellness Center forms IN ADDITION to the requirements for the Athletic Department.

Download the documents necessary before move-in for on-campus students:

Student Medical History

Physical Examination Form

Immunization Form

Further resources for parents including forms for keeping track of immunizations are provided on this North Carolina State government website.