Dr. Joshua M. Hren 

Assistant Professor of English


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B.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2005
M.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2009
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2012
  • Rhetoric
  • Fiction Writing
  • Western Literature Courses
  • Thomas More Program
  • This Our Exile, short story collection published by Angelico Press in December 2017
  • Middle-earth and the Return of the Common Good: J.R.R. Tolkien and Political Philosophy, forthcoming through Cascade Books in 2018
  • Poem “In Secular Saeculorum” in First Things, February 2018
  • Poem “ The Lesser Angels of Our Nature” forthcoming in First Things
  • Feature Article “The Problem of Pity: Misguided Mercy and Dante’s Infernal Purgation” is forthcoming in Touchstone
  • Article “The Apocalypse of Beatitude: Modern Gnosticism and Misplaced Faith in Dostoevsky’s The Possessed” in Voegelin View, March 2018
  • “Tailor-Made for Sin: Hiding Guilt with Garments of Legal Fictions,” January 2018 Feature article in Touchstone
  • “After Rhetoric and the Restoration of Persuasion,” in Crisis, Fall of 2017
  • Short Story “Gates of Eden” in Windhover: a Journal of Christian Literature in Fall 2017
  • Interview with Catholic World Report, Summer of 2017
  • Poem “Sanguine” in First Things
  • Short Story “Pawned” in Cobalt Literary Magazine
  • Poem “Meditation on Modern Mathematics and the Music of Spheres,” in Presence, April 2017
  • Short Story “The Man Watching,” in Windhover: A Journal of Christian Literature, Spring 2017
  • Short Story “Sick at the Thought” & Short Story Finalist “Inferno” in Adelaide, Spring 2017
  • Chapter, “Between the Beatific Vision and a Vision of Man in Rebellion: Catholic Literature Revisited,”
  • forthcoming in Renewal of Catholic Higher Education: Essays on Catholic Studies in Honor of Don
  • Briel
  • Essay “Acquisitive Imitation and the Gift Economy: Escaping Reciprocity in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit,” in Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture
  • Essay “Tolkien and the Technocratic Paradigm” in New Blackfriars, July 2016
  • Entries on “René Girard,” “J.F. Powers,” and “Nathan W. Scott” in Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States, November 2016
  • Poem “Gehenna” in First Things, June 2016
  • Short story “Copper” in Ink & Letters, Winter 2016
  • Short story “Heavyweight” in Aethlon Literary Journal, Winter 2015-16 edition
  • Review of Witt and Richards’ The Hobbit Party: The Vision of Freedom that Tolkien Got and the     West Forgot in Gilbert Magazine, Summer 2015
  • Essay “The Genealogy of Ressentiment and the Achilles’ Heel of Humanitarianism: The Politics of Love from the Iliad to The Idiot,” in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture, 2014
  • “The Sound and the Fury, Symbolizing Something: The Paradoxical Miracle at the Limits of Language:
  • Maritain, Percy, and The Moviegoer,” book chapter in Redeeming Philosophy: 
  • “A Bird’s Nest of Being: A Conversation with Brian Jobe, Author of Bird’s Nest in Your Hair”      Dappled Things, Summer 2013
  • “Our Essential Displacement and the Reparation of Fiction: Interview with Joseph O’Brien,” in Dappled       Things, Spring 2013
  • Chapter III of novel In the Wine Press in Dappled Things, Winter 2013
  • “A Fire-Stained and Blackened Cathedral: An Interview With Joshua Hren” in Dappled Things, Fall 2012
  • Essay “Truth and Lies in a Chestertonian Sense: Father Brown and the Fault of the Depraved Saint” in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture, Winter 2012-13
  • Selection of my translation of Leon Bloy’s La Femme Pauvre published in Dappled Things, Fall 2012
  • Short story “Control” in the 6.1 issue of Relief, A Christian Quarterly Expression, Summer 2013
  • Short story “Wrecking Ball” as “Editor’s Choice” in 5.2 edition of Relief, January 2012
  • Poem “Proof of the Immortality of the Soul with Reference to Beeswax Soap” Dappled Things, Fall 2011
  • Chapter II of novel In the Wine Press in Dappled Things, Fall 2011
  • Short story “Wrecking Ball” received an honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s Fall 2010 Short Story Award
  • Chapter I of novel In the Wine Press in Dappled Things, Fall 2010
  • Poem “A Story in Ashes” in Dappled Things, Summer 2010
  • Stories “She Scarce Is” & “Everything Must Go” Top-25 in Glimmer Train’s Fiction Open, 2009-2010
  • Poem “itinerant intimacies” in Dappled Things, Fall 2009
• Driven educator, editor, publisher, researcher, and writer
• Strong leadership skills
• Exceptional written and oral articulation of interdisciplinary academic contents
• Ability to complete assigned tasks with careful attention and minimal management
• Creative solver of intellectual and interpersonal problems
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point, Jing, Prezi, as well as Audacity audio recording system, D2L, Adobe Suite and other Web 2.0 tools.
• The intersection of Political Philosophy and Literature
• The intersection of Christianity and Literature