Sunday, June 24, 2018 3 p.m. through Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 12 p.m.


VETERUM SAPIENTIA LAY SECTION is a response to public demand for a laymen’s version of the original Veterum Sapientia Latin-immersion program for clerics founded at Belmont Abbey College in 2013. In both its sections, clerical and lay, Veterum Sapientia helps participants “get their feet under them” when it comes to speaking Latin, or to helping those already on the road to proficiency improve. Readings at VS focus on Christian Latin of all major genres and historical periods. Ecclesiastical pronunciation is the norm for teaching and conversation.  Speakers of Latin at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels will benefit from intensive work in subgroups of their peers, to enhance participants’ growth and confidence. See also program description for Veterum Sapientia (clerical section).


BAC main campus; classes in Robert Stowe Hall, second floor; food and housing in Belmont Abbey College facilities.


  • Introductory tuition rate $550 pp for enrollment before June 15;
  • $650 thereafter
  • Room+Full Board package an additional $320 (flat rate) with double-occupancy dorm accommodation.

Single rooms may be reserved subject to availability on payment of a supplement.    Participants who prefer hotel accommodations may book rooms for themselves at the nearby Hampton Inn at a discounted Belmont Abbey College rate (note: you MUST make specific reference to the “BAC-VSLS rate” when you make the reservation to get the discounted rate.)


Open to anyone (lay or clerical) over age 18 who has completed three years of high school Latin or one year of  college Latin, or equivalent.  Applications from participants with experience differing significantly from the foregoing will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact the organizer Dr. Nancy E. Llewellyn.


NELDr. Llewellyn (UCLA) is Associate Professor of Latin at Belmont Abbey College, coming to North Carolina after a decade at Wyoming Catholic College. Before embarking on her doctoral work, she studied with Fr. Reginald Foster in Rome. Returning to the USA, Nancy founded SALVI in 1997 and has served on its board ever since, directing SALVI workshops (Rusticationes) around the country and abroad. In addition to her work at BAC, she also teaches at Charlotte’s new St. Joseph College Seminary.
Gerry_MalsbaryDr. Malsbary (Toronto) teaches Latin, Greek and German at Belmont Abbey College and plays an integral role in introducing undergraduates to Classical Liberal Arts in the Benedictine tradition as Director of the First-Year Symposium. Gerry came to Belmont from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia, where he taught Latin for many years. He has several published translations in print, including an English edition of Josef Pieper’s classic Leisure, the Basis of Culture.
diane_warne_andersonDr. Anderson is a Lecturer in the Department of Classics of the University of Massachusetts, Boston.  She has taught palaeography and Latin at the University of Minnesota and Saint John’s University, and was employed as a research scholar at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library in Collegeville MN. Her published work includes a catalogue of the Cologne Cathedral Library manuscripts, and a study and edition of a medieval florilegium.  Diane teaches frequently in UMB’s intensive summer Latin immersion course Conventiculum Bostoniense and at SALVI’s Rusticatio summer programs.  She is also a member of the SALVI Board of Directors.
Dean CassellaDr. Cassella (North Texas) is an internationally-known figure in conversation-based Latin pedagogy and serves as Director of Classical Studies at St. Theresa Catholic School in Sugarland TX.  After advanced doctoral work at Toronto, he received his PhD at the University of North Texas and stayed on to spend several years on its faculty.  Dean has taught Latin, full-time, in every grade from kindergarten to upper-division college courses, and has done extensive summer teaching in Rome for the Polis Institute Jerusalem, and for SALVI here in the USA.  His primary professional interests are the applications of conversational methods to the teaching of Latin and Greek, and the neo-Latin poetry of the Italian Renaissance.
robertoA solar physicist by profession, Dr. Lionello (Florence, Astronomy) is also a highly accomplished avocational Classicist.  He is a co-founder of San Diego’s Latin-conversation society GLADIVS, which, among many other initiatives, has web-published voice recordings of works of Greek literature and Latin and Greek editions of classic 1960’s comic books.

To start your registration, please fill out the applicant information form below and click submit. You will be returned to this page to complete your registration by making your purchase below. Payment of the registration fee is required to guarantee your place at all class sessions and activities. Room and board may be secured later on as a separate purchase, but dorm rooms will be assigned a first-come, first-served basis and our supply is quite limited.

Thank you!

  • If no institutional affiliation, please describe your Latin education (e.g. "I took Latin in high school"; "I teach homeschool Latin", etc.)
    We will do a better job of teaching you and you will have a more fruitful experience if we know in advance where you are on the road to proficiency as an active user of Latin. Whether you are new to spoken Latin or an experienced speaker, you'll benefit from class sessions in a group with other participants who are at or near your own level of proficiency.
    Optional; please complete if you'd be interested in purchasing a commemorative T-shirt so we can pre-order accurately.


Tuition $550.00 (before June 15)

Room & Board $320.00

  Registration for Veterum Sapientia Lay Section 2018 covers tuition and materials but does not include lodging, meals or transportation to and from Belmont Abbey College. Full refunds (minus a $40 processing fee) are available until June 15 if notice of cancellation is provided in writing to organizer Dr. Nancy E. Llewellyn.  Registrants desiring Continuing Education Units for teachers may order letterhead testimonials of their participation for a $10 processing fee.