Dr. Robert E. Lover 

Chair, Associate Professor of Computer Studies


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B.A., Kalamazoo College
M.A., Miami University of Ohio
M.A., Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
• Taught courses on programming (Alice, APL, BASIC, Java, Pascal, Ruby, JavaScript)
• Information systems analysis, web site programming
• Software testing and verification
• Data structures
• Discrete math
• Applications of logic to programming
• Foundations of computing
• Computer graphics
• Artificial intelligence, operations management
• Computer modelling and simulation
• Logic
• Philosophy of science
• Management science
• Management of information systems
• August 2008: Elementary Logic for Software Development, Springer-Verlag, 2008, ISBN 978-1-84800-081-0
• 12 November 2005, Lightning Talk for CCSC:SE, “Help Wanted Regarding Logic for Software Developers”.
• Fall 1993, “On Teaching Logic to Students of Computing” published in the Proceedings of the 1993 Southeastern Small College Computing Conference. This article describes courses on applications of logic to computing, for which I have written a textbook.
• Spring 1986: IBM funded faculty fellowship to develop computer graphics course for UNC Charlotte.
• March 1985: Invited Discussant at a symposium on Technology and Freedom held at Davidson College, sponsored by the Alfred P Sloan Foundation and IBM Corporation. Revised version of my remarks was published as “Computers as Recorders and Reproducers” in Technology and Freedom, Vol. 4, Davidson- Sloan New Liberal Arts Program, 1987.
• Summer 1975: Summer Faculty Fellowship from the University of Maryland, for research on the mathematics of perception.

• Review of Basic Statistics for Business and Economics, by George W. Summers and William S. Peters, Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1973, published in The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol 81, No. 10.

• “A New Model for Possible Worlds”, paper delivered at the December, 1973 meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic in Atlanta, Georgia. Abstract in the Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 39, No. 2.

• “A Semantic Theory for a Generalization of Intuitionistic Logic”, paper delivered at the January, 1973 meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic in Dallas, Texas. Abstract in the Journal of Symbolic Logic, Vol. 38, No. 5.

• An Alternative Logic, University Microfilms, 1972, Ph.D. dissertation, a semantic theory for a generalization of the logic of intuitionistic mathematics.