Students are encouraged to get involved by participating in one or more of the recognized student organizations on campus.

Getting involved is an excellent way to meet new friends, have fun, help others, and gain some important leadership experience. Participation in College-related clubs and organizations provides students with an opportunity for personal development. At Belmont Abbey College, just as much learning happens outside the classroom as inside. Please take a look at the extensive list of clubs and organizations that we have here at the Abbey.


Abbey Cheerleaders

The Belmont Abbey Cheerleaders have been a visual part of the Abbey for many years. The Cheerleading squad is open to both men and women, and is a great way to get involved in the spirit of BAC. The squad cheers at all home games for the Men’s and Women’s Basketball team and participates in other events such as Homecoming and Kick-Off pep-rallies. For more information on becoming part of the Belmont Abbey Cheerleaders, please e-mail the squad at Student Contact:; Advisor Contact:;


Abbey Volunteers

The College’s community service program is advised by staff but led entirely by passionate, dedicated students. The goal of the service club is to make a positive impact on the community that surrounds and hosts Belmont Abbey College and to help Abbey students cultivate an attitude of charity, generosity, and gratitude. Our efforts are primarily directed toward those most in need—the poor, homeless, disabled, and marginalized—and much of our work is performed in cooperation with local human service providers like Habitat for Humanity, Catherine’s House, and the Boys and Girls Club. Students are encouraged to propose their own creative ideas for addressing the needs of the local community and, working through Abbey Volunteers, to advertise and recruit fellow Abbey students. New opportunities to serve—either once or on an ongoing basis—will become available throughout the year. Student Contact:


Agora (Literary Magazine and Club)

Agora is the title of Belmont Abbey College’s student literary magazine, published yearly during spring semester. A call for submissions of poetry, short fiction, essays, graphic art, and photography goes out yearly to students and faculty, and a student board of editors decides what works will be published. Prizes are also awarded for the best submission in the categories of written work (poetry, stories, and essays) and art (graphic art, computer art, and photography). Student Contact: , Advisor Contact:


Art Club

The Art Club is a great opportunity to grow in your appreciation of all forms of art. Occasional art classes, meetings and special events will ensure that your love for art will only deepen with your involvement in this club. Student contact: Advisor contact:


Ballroom Dancing Club

Have you always wanted to dance, but you don’t know how? Swing by and we’ll teach you. Ballroom Dancing Club meets every Wednesday from 7:30-9 p.m. in the student commons. Dances taught include: Swing, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, Salsa, and Viennese Waltz. In addition to weekly meetings, the club hosts a dance once a month and tries to do a fun new event each semester (past events include coordinating  a flash-mob in the cafeteria ).

Student Contact:


Belmont Abbey Improv Troupe

What a great opportunity to brush up on your improv skills and learn some new ones! At least one improv show a month keeps the student body involved and on the edge of their seats. Workshops, exercises and regular meetings make sure that your improv skills are sharp and growing. Student Contact:


Bowling Club of Belmont Abbey College

Like bowling? Want to play on a regular basis with Belmont Abbey students and take part in an occasional tournament? Contact us for this exciting club! Student Contact:


Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board is a hard-working student organization committed to providing innovative and exciting programs for its students. CAB regularly sponsors social weekends, dances, comedians, musical performers, coffeehouse performances, lectures, and other special events. These programs are open to all traditional students. Student Contact: Advisor Contact:


Chess Club

The Belmont Abbey College Chess Club meets weekly on campus to play chess. The club is open to all members of the College community. We also sponsor an annual Fall Tournament and promote interest in chess in the College community. Advisor Contact:


Chi Alpha Sigma Honor Society

Honor society for student athletes. Must be a junior or senior, varsity athlete and have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or above. Advisor Contact:


College Republicans

To promote republican values on campus through service, promotion and other initiatives. Student Contact: Advisor Contact:


Crusaders for Life

Crusaders for Life is Belmont Abbey College’s pro-life group. Each year we organize a group of faculty, staff, monks and students to attend the March 4 Life in Washington in January. This past year we brought in Serrin Foster from the organization Feminists for Life. She spoke to the community on ways to proactively provide women with alternatives to abortion. We continue to work with Mira-Via (formerly Room at the Inn) on issues surrounding support for pregnant women. We also collaborate with the student Social Justice group on issues around the Death Penalty. Student Contact:


Crusader Newspaper

The Crusader is the student newspaper of Belmont Abbey College. The newspaper welcomes all students, faculty and staff to submit an article for each issue. Check us out on the web: Student Student Contact-Assistant; Advisor;


Debate Club and ISI Discussion Club

To compare and contrast different views on politics, theology and philosophy. Advisor Contact:


Faithful Daughters Household

Faithful Daughters Household is an organization of women who have the goal of creating a strong community of friendship centered around faith, fun and enriching activities. A household is a small Christ-centered group of students that realize the difficulty one can face in leaving behind their spiritual foundation and coming to college. It is sometimes difficult leaving your family and coming to school and to maintain your prayer and faith life on campus. Members of the households strive to support each other in growing spiritually, academically and emotionally. Student Contact:


Greek Council

Serves as a governing body for Greek life at Belmont Abbey College. Student Contact:;Advisor Contact:


Green Team

The Green Team promotes recycling and green awareness for the purpose of a cleaner earth. Advisor Contact:


International Club

The purpose of the International Club is to promote cultural awareness and live out the Benedictine charism of hospitality. We want to promote cultural awareness through educational and social events that demonstrate the rich diversity of our College community and the world in which we live. As a Benedictine institution, we strive to live out the charism of hospitality by welcoming and embracing the people from other countries and cultures of our world. In particular, we desire that Belmont Abbey College be recognized as an internationally-friendly campus, where all feel at home. Student Contact: Advisor Contact:


Math Club

Promote an interest in mathematics on campus and provide opportunities for students to explore and enjoy mathematical events. Advisor Contact:


Men’s Household

A household is a small Christ-centered group of students that realize the difficulty one can face in leaving behind their spiritual foundation and coming to college. It is sometimes difficult leaving your family and coming to school and to maintain your prayer and faith life on campus. Members of the households strive to support each other in growing spiritually, academically and emotionally. Student Contact: Advisor Contact:


Military Leadership Organization

We provide resources to our student veterans,our active duty students, and their families. we also support our JROTC and ROTC direct commission students. Civilians interested in learning more about the armed services can make inquiries here.


Motorsports Club

To provide volunteer opportunities in and knowledge about the Motorsports Industry. Student Contact:


Outdoor Adventure Club

The outdoor adventure club provides opportunities for Abbey students to get outside and take in the great outdoors! Periodic hiking and camping trips led by the club are a great way to see the beauty of North Carolina! Advisor Contact:


Psychology Club

The Psychology club is an academic organization composed of psychology majors and other students interested in the discipline. The goal of the club is to increase understanding of the field, facilitate interaction among students and enrich students’ academic experiences at Belmont Abbey College. Student Contact: Advisor Contact:


Society of Catholic Tradition

Student contact:


Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) of Belmont Abbey College is comprised of a dynamic group of student-athletes who graciously volunteer their time, effort, and enthusiasm to a number of causes. A few of the SAAC activities include: building a sense of community within the athetics program involving all teams, soliciting student-athlete responses to proposed conference and NCAA legislation, promoting communication between athletic administration and student-athletes, and organizing community involvement efforts. The SAAC committee is an avid supporter of the “Make-A-Wish Foundation” and is near the top of the Conference Carolinas in the fundraising competition. In addition to its traditional activities, this year’s committee has established the energetic “Red Sea Club,” as well as the Student-Athlete of the Month recognition. The SAAC is in a sense, the student-athletes’ unified voice. Advisor Contact:


Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA serves as a liaison between students and faculty and serves to assist the College community. Student Contact: Advisor Contact:


The Abbey Players (Theatre Organization)

The Abbey Players produce six main stage shows during a season, relying on the talents of students, faculty, staff and members of the local community. Advisor Contact:


XCEL Women’s Fitness Club

Student Contact:


Young Women of America

Student Contact: Advisor Contact: