Amanda Bambury, Director of Residential Life

Amanda BamburyDirector of Residential Life

Deborah SalmanAdministrative Assistant for Residence Life

David DiNardo, Head RA, Cuthbert Allen Apartments

Sarah Spence, Head RA, St. Benedict and St. Scholastica

Anna McLain, Head RA, O’Connell Hall

Isaac Tudor, Head RA, Poellath Hall

Ryan Eyrich, Head RA, Raphael Arthur

24/7 On-Call Phone Number: 704-913-7799

Office Phone Number: 704-461-6893

The Residence Life (RL) staff is made up of the Dean of Residential Life, Housing Coordinator, two Resident Directors, the Administrative Assistant for Residence Life, and 24 Resident Assistants (RAs). The Residence Life staff works together to provide a positive residence life experience.  The mission of the Office of Residence Life is to create a residential community that supports the College’s mission and Catholic identity, and encourages academic achievement and personal growth within the community formed by the Benedictine Hallmarks. The Office strives to foster a welcoming, diverse, and supportive living and learning community which facilitates and edifies mutual respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion, and generosity as residents develop as holistic citizens.

The RL staff members are available for assistance around the clock. You will see the RL staff out and about campus at all hours of the day and night conducting periodic campus rounds (social, maintenance, & safety) to ensure residents’ needs are met. We want every student to feel welcome, so do not be surprised when we stop by to say hello. In addition, while on duty, we perform administrative tasks, maintain lobby common areas, and handle policy violations. The RL staff are your greatest resource while living on campus and have been hired to enhance your experience as well as support you when needed.

The professional staff is individuals who chose to work in this field for their career. They have several years of experience and advanced training in residence life. Remember that they were once where you are now, they were once college students, too! The professional staff has a passion for Residence Life and strongly believes in what they do. They all came to the Abbey because they believe in who the college is and what it stands for. They are here to serve you and make sure that your experience is all it can be. They will provide guidance and supervision to the Resident Assistants, and are responsible for helping students connect to the campus. These professionals are responsible for the residence halls and the complete management of the halls. They are happy to meet with students; so, if you have questions or concerns, just stop by the office. Most often you will be able to see someone right away. Their offices are located in O’Connell Hall in the Office of Residence Life.

RAs are paraprofessional, current BAC student leaders who range from Sophomores to Seniors. The RAs are trained to handle a wide range of situations.  Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, need to report a maintenance concern, have a roommate problem, and find yourself in a little bit of trouble, they are there for you.  You will find them extremely willing to assist you in any way.  They are student leaders, strong students, and believe in Belmont Abbey College.

RAs live throughout the campus and are responsible for a certain number of residents which he or she lives among. RAs provide peer support, community development activities, programming, and policy enforcement. Getting to know your RA can be one of the most valuable resources for campus living at the Abbey.

Each residence hall and its RAs are supervised by a Head RA. The Head RA is a senior, seasoned RA who oversees the halls RAs, the programming and support of the residents.

All of the RAs are supervised by the Resident Director (RD). The RD is responsible for not only their supervision, but for the RA selection, training, RL programming model, and overall residence life management.

All housing assignments and facilities management is the responsibility of the Housing Coordinator (HC). Any roommate problems, room assignment issues or maintenance concerns that can’t be handled by the RAs will be referred to the HC.

The Dean of Residential Life provides overall management for the housing and residence life programs. Additionally, the Dean is responsible for the campus judicial process for policy violations.

The RL Administrative Assistant is the general office manager and supervises work-study students.