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Thank you for your interest in Belmont Abbey College Athletics!  The opportunity to become a Crusader athlete, while gaining a Catholic, liberal arts education at the Abbey, will help lead you to a “Home Run” of success.

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To be a Crusader Student-Athlete

The Belmont Abbey College Department of Athletics values each college athlete as student first and athlete second, and in so doing, strives to create exceptional students so that in all things God may be glorified. In this endeavor, the athletic department is guided by the Catholic intellectual tradition and the Benedictine spirit of prayer and learning.

While training our athletes to become superior competitors, the Department believes in adhering to the physical and emotional needs of student-athletes in order to maintain their health and well-being. Coaches, faculty and staff continuously encourage learning and academic excellence while strengthening the athlete’s talents and performance.

The Department values the principles of Reclaim the Game and supports athletes in developing virtue, sportsmanship, honesty and integrity.

All students are highly valued and regarded as significant participants in diversifying, expanding and developing our college as well as our athletic program. The Athletic Department will ensure the equal treatment of all student-athletes.

Sport at the Service of the Spirit

“Sport, properly directed, develops character, makes a man courageous, a generous loser, and a gracious victor; it refines the senses, gives intellectual penetration, and steels the will to endurance. It is not merely a physical development then. Sport, rightly understood, is an occupation of the whole man, and while perfecting the body as an instrument of the mind, it also makes the mind itself a more refined instrument for the search and communication of truth and helps man to achieve that end to which all others must be subservient, the service and praise of his Creator.”

– Pope Pius XII on July 29, 1945

The Christian Vision of Sports

Dr. Bill Thierfelder

Our Alma Mater

(To the tune of Ode to Joy)

  • Gather we from far flung places
    Loyal in the Bond we share;
    Friends of Abbey ever splendorous
    Gallant spirits proudly bear.
    Voices raised on high are singing
    Bells are chiming to proclaim
    Alma Mater! Belmont Abbey!
    Sacred do we hold your name.
  • Dear to us the Vast expanse
    Of skies that arch your crimson sod;
    Dear your mighty spire lifted
    Like our hearts to honor God
    Let your truth shine forth unfailing.
    Let all know your beauty rare.
    Hail! O Abbey, Alma Mater
    Hear your praises fill the air

Our Alma Mater is sung to close all our of Home athletic events here at The Abbey!

Catholic Athletes for Christ

CAC’s mission is to serve Catholic athletes and share the Gospel of Christ in and through athletics.
CAC’s goal is to provide an integrated network of sports oriented clergy and lay people to serve Catholic athletes, coaches, and staff in the practice of their faith and to utilize the unique platform given to them to reach the world for Jesus Christ and His Church.
  • To develop and promote solid Catholic role models
  • To work with the Church leadership and Catholic organizations
  • To minister to Catholic athletes, coaches, and staff
  • To reverse the moral crisis in sports today
  • To create a network of Catholic athletes, coaches, and staff
  • To organize sports conferences, pilgrimages, retreats, and days of reflection

“I have competed well;
I have finished the race;
I have kept the faith.”

— 2 Tim 4:7

Varsity Catholic

Core Values

Community, Faithfulness, and Service.


To pursue the imperishable crown, introduce the hearts and minds of student-athletes to our Lord and His Church, and live completely as disciples of Jesus Christ.


To become the premier outreach for collegiate athletes, known for developing young men and women into inspirational leaders on their campus and across the globe.

What We Do

With a desire to serve the formative needs of student-athletes, we seek to have a consistent presence, always wanting to be available for them. We offer them an opportunity to learn how to live as Christian athletes on the college campus.

  • In Bible studies, they have a chance to encourage teammates and fellow athletes while being instructed in teachings consistent with the Catholic Church.
  • In one-on-one coaching/mentoring, we give them an opportunity to go deeper in their walk with Christ and help them become leaders among their peers (c.f. 2Tim 2:2).
  • Seeking to impact the world, we host Mission Camps. These provide high caliber instruction in sport for impoverished youth, while also proclaiming our faith through our witness and instruction. (Visit www.focusmissions.org for updates)
  • Seeking to impact the local community, we host service events with the athletes at soup kitchens, homes for the elderly, hospitals and schools.