You’ll enjoy the Abbey’s Human Services minor if you:

With a minor in Human Services from Belmont Abbey College, you will be able to pursue a variety of career areas such as:

The Abbey Difference:

Guided by the tenets of Catholicism and the Benedictine hallmarks, Belmont Abbey College strives to provide its students with a well-rounded education that promotes wise and ethical decisions.

Program Requirements:

Students must complete 15 hours of course work as follows:

  • PC 110: Introduction to Human Services
  • PC 120: Dynamics of Human Adjustment & Interpersonal Relationships
  • PC 402: Interview, Case Management, & Crisis Intervention Skills
  • SO 351: Social Problems

Select one course from the following (select the course based on the population of intended employment):

  • CJ 314: Criminology
    (Prerequisite CJ 201 or PC 201*)
  • CJ 365: Juvenile Justice
    (Prerequisite CJ 201 or PC 201*)
  • PC 301: Developmental Psychology
    (Prerequisite PC 201)
  • PC 313: Abnormal Psychology
    (Prerequisite PC 201)
  • PC 360: Social Psychology
    (Prerequisite PC 201)
  • PC 404: Counseling
    (Prerequisite PC 201)
  • SO 302: Death & Dying
    (no prerequisites)
  • SO 302: Sociology of Aging
    (no prerequisites)
  • SO 401: Organizational Behavior
    (Prerequisite PC 201 or SO 201)

*CJ 314 and CJ 365 have a prerequisite of CJ 201 or permission of instructor. Students in the Human Services minor have permission to substitute PC 201 as the prerequisite for CJ 314 or CJ 365.

NOTE: Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in each course taken for the minor.

It is the student’s responsibility to see that all degree requirements for graduation are fulfilled.

Program coordinator:

Dr. Diana Elliott
Associate Professor of Psychology
Coordinator of Human Services Minor
B.S. University of New Hampshire
M.Ed. University of Houston
M.A. Biola University
Ph.D. Biola University
Fellow Harvard University