“He took utmost care and heed for his study. Not one word spoke he more than was necessary; And that was said with due formality and dignity And short and lively, and full of high morality. Filled with moral virtue was his speech; And gladly would he learn and gladly teach.” Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

A Look back at Rome 2017 from one of our students

Check out this amazing video made by one of our students, Madison Caito! #AbbeyLifeIsGood #AbbeyAbroad

Dr. Brown publishes “Novak’s Restless Defense of the Good” at Law and Liberty

Beyond the Cockpit: Jordan Anderson Trying to Be the People’s Driver

Wiseblood Books publishes “literature that possesses a sacramental vision of reality”

Answering the call

Not So Hidden; Treasures Close to Home

Fr. Kirby Receives Two ACP Awards

The Association of Catholic Publishers (ACP) recently announced the winners of the 2017 Excellence in Publishing Awards, which recognize the best in Catholic publishing.

Among the winners were three Saint Benedict Press/TAN Books titles: The Lion of Münster: The Bishop Who Roared Against the Nazis by Fr.

We Were Made to Play: How Faith Impacts Sports

Here’s a fantastic interview with our President by the Catholic Company!

We Were Made to Play: How Faith Impacts Sports

President Thierfelder discusses”Ex Corde Ecclesiae: Beyond the Classroom”

Society is at a crossroads in the educational formation of the next generation, and the Church offers the only true way forward. Under attack from the secularist agenda set forth fifty years ago by the Land O’ Lakes statement, a new generation of Catholic intellectuals have reacted by working to reestablish centers of opportunity

The Myth of Conflict

Barr Begins His Presentation Barr Begins His Presentation

Stephen Barr: “Recent discoveries point toward God”

Stephen Barr, University of Delaware physics professor and president of the Society of Catholic Scientists gave an intriguing lecture for the Belmont Abbey College Cuthbert Allen lecture series on Science & Christian Faith:

The Season of Lent: Positively Penitential

Lent apstract purple background with cross of thorns and copy space for textEvery year, the sensitive Catholic conscience finds Lent both a solemn obligation and a source of perplexity.

Sometimes, perhaps, we feel that we ought to be achieving an heroic victory based on our sacrifice. We can

How to Achieve Success in Sports and Life: An Interview with Dr. Bill Thierfelder

Have you ever thought about the fact that humans are so wired to play that we will pay to watch other people do it? This week on Homeschool Heartbeat, sports psychologist Dr. Bill Thierfelder explains why sports and competition are essential to who we are as human beings.

“Play is essential to who we are as

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