The Office of Career Services & Internships manages the internship programs for all majors on campus. The office maintains an online database of available internships, and will assist students in searching for the appropriate learning experience. In order to receive academic credit for an internship, students are required to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete an Internship Agreement with your supervisor at the internship site and submit to the Office of Career Services & Internships. The contract is the agreement between all parties involved and must be on file in order to receive credit. The Agreement is also available by emailing If you are participating in a not-for-credit or experience-only internship, please indicate “not-for-credit” on your Internship Agreement.
  2. Experience-Only Internship: You do not need to register for a class, however, the Internship Agreement is required.
  3. For-Credit Internship: Register for the appropriate course. It is college policy that students must register for and complete an internship during the same semester
  4. You must work 40 hours for each one hour of credit. For example, to earn three credits for the internship you must complete 120 work hours over the course of the semester. A six-credit internship requires 240 work hours.
  5. Notify your faculty advisor that you will be doing an internship and inquire about the academic assignment.

To begin exploring internship opportunities please contact Stephannie Miles, Director of Career Services and Internships at; 704-461-6874; Room 102, St Leo’s Hall.

Internship Policies:

  • Internships eligible for academic credit must have the approval of the student’s major department, many of which have differing academic requirements.  Students will be awarded 1- 9 credits as determined by the College.
  • All students must have completed their sophomore year prior to earning Internship credit.
  • An internship for experience only is valuable, but still requires an Internship Contract and approval by the student’s major department.
  • Students must register for an internship during the same semester that they will be working the internship hours and prior to accumulating any internship hours.
  • Students engaged in summer internships will be charged summer tuition fees.
  • Housing is available to any student registered for six or more credit hours during the summer session.
  • Any student engaged in a fall or spring semester internship will be charged if he or she is taking more than eighteen credit hours.
  • Students must contact the Office of Career Services and Internships to complete and submit a signed Internship Contract prior to beginning an internship.
  • Please read our complete Internship Program Policies here.