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Dual-Enrolled Students


A Home Away From Home

Belmont Abbey College is no stranger to homeschoolers; many of our students have been homeschooled for at least one year of their life or are former homeschoolers just like you! This is an exciting and perhaps nerve-wracking time for you as you decide on a college. You’re not just picking a meal plan or a residence hall, you are picking out your future home for the next four years. The Benedictine hospitality starts with our Monastic presence, but it extends out to the student body. Our small tight-knit community makes it easy to make friendships quickly, friends that you will instantly want to carry onward beyond your four years here and keep for the rest of your life.

The Abbey Education

An Abbey education builds an excellent academic foundation, provides the expertise that each student gains in his or her major discipline, grounds that learning with internship opportunities, integrates the whole student through a variety of rewarding and fun co-curricular opportunities, and equips each Abbey graduate to be a good person, a successful professional, and a responsible citizen.

Traditions and Values

The Catholic Benedictine traditions and values upon which the College was founded over 140 years ago inform all aspects of campus life, including academics. Benedictine monks take three vows: stabilitas, conversatio morum, and obedientia which when translated simply mean stability, being amenable to change and improvement, and listening. Belmont Abbey College provides a stable environment in which to listen, discuss and learn, to grow, and become open to change.

You may never want to leave!


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I love the community here. We’re family! The abbey is my home away from home.

Joseph Yellico, ’16
Biology Major
Former Homeschooler
We know how important it is to be involved. Homeschoolers tend to be involved in more extracurricular than the average student. Here at the Abbey we have 25 clubs and organizations you can be involved in such as Ballroom Dancing Club, Chess Club, and Crusaders for Life. For full listings and more information click here.
More than 85 percent of students receive need-based financial aid; 90 percent receive merit-based scholarship. Here are some Prestigious Programs and additional scholarships we offer: Premier Scholarships Academic Enrichment Program Otchen Theatre Scholarship Third Party Scholarships
Yes, your student will need to submit an official transcript. If you are enrolled in Seton Home Study or Mother of Divine Grace, these programs provide an official accredited transcript upon request. If you are not part of a program that provides a transcript, you may write one. Include the name of your school, your student’s personal information, a list of the names of the classes your student has completed, broken down by grade level (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th), and the letter grade your student received for each class. You will also need to include a grading scale and a calculated GPA. The school proctor (usually a parent) must sign the transcript. Check with your state’s Department of Education for any other requirements before mailing the transcript to Belmont Abbey College’s Admissions Office.

See a sample transcript by clicking here.

For an easy one-page transcript we recommend using: FastTranscripts.com.

High school students are required to complete 4 units of English, 2 units of a Foreign Language, 2 units of Social Science, 2 units of Science, 3 units of Math, and at least 3 units of additional academic electives.
Belmont Abbey College is a small community that fosters growth of the individual in mind, body, and spirit. In classes of no more than 15-20 students, your student will receive personal attention from professors, benefit from participating in peer discussions, and be able to seek professors’ aid outside of the classroom as well as take advantage of peer and faculty tutoring. Much like home schooling, your student will have the opportunity to take personal ownership of his/her education and flourish academically. Transitioning to college life at Belmont Abbey is easy! With roughly 900 traditional students, our friendly campus is small and personal. Your student will have the opportunity to easily make many friends, participate in a wide range of student activities, and enjoy everything college life has to offer without being overwhelmed by size. Professors, faculty, staff, and peers are readily available to assist your student through the transition. You can help your student through the transition as well; letters and care packages from home are always welcome!
Searching for the right college for your student can be an overwhelming process. There is a lot to consider. Visiting and touring campuses, meeting with faculty, and discussing the details of admission requirements with Admissions Counselors are all important steps in finding the right “fit” for your student. Belmont Abbey College offers a wide range of visit opportunities ranging from personal tours to open house events; register for a campus visit today!
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You may never want to leave!


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I love it here because I have found friends that push me in developing virtue, professors that genuinely try to lead me to the truth, monks that are like my brothers or grandfathers and athletics that have pushed me to be the best I can be.

Nolan Albrecht, ’16
Senior, Theology and Sports Management Majors
Former Homeschooler

Get Ahead at the Abbey!

Are you a high-school student looking to get a jump-start on your college career? Do you want to complete some science or math classes as well as get college credit? Well, look no further, because Belmont Abbey has the answer for you.

Our dual enrollment program has gained in popularity so we’re expanding available courses and hiring new faculty. Plus we’ve developed the best way to recoup your investment.

Get it all back!

Announcing the easiest way to get ahead for free!

When you graduate high school, and enroll at Belmont Abbey College, we’ll reimburse you for ALL you invested! Yep, over your first four semesters at the Abbey we’ll credit you back all your costs for your dual enrollment courses. That’s right you could earn thousands of dollars back, making those courses totally free!


Here are the details:


  • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors eligible
  • First course is FREE
  • $540 a course
  • 100% reimbursement when you enroll at Belmont Abbey College
  • Learn from elite faculty in a small class setting
  • Up to two courses per semester.
  • Experience the unique Belmont Abbey College environment
  • Enjoy our beautiful campus!

We also offer a special 30% discount to Catholic School students and homeschoolers. Plus Seton Homeschool students enjoy an exclusive 40% discount.

Take advantage of the high-quality classes available at the Abbey. Start taking your first steps toward a successful college career!

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When applying, please note on the application that you are a dual-enrolled student. Students wishing to join the dual-enrollment program must provide a letter of permission from their high school.   Contact us with any questions:


Linda Randazzo

Get Ahead at the Abbey!

  • All dual enrollment High Schools students need to apply to Belmont Abbey College as if applying as
    college freshmen.
  • We need a High School transcript to complete the application (test scores are not required)
  • General courses offered for the first dual enrolled semester are 100-level or 200-level courses.
  • Students generally enroll in 1-2 courses. Some of our more advanced dual enrollment students will enroll in 3 or more, but never in the first semester.
  • Credits are transferrable to other colleges of choice but GPA’s do not transfer.
  • If a student eventually enrolls at BAC, the GPA they earned in dual-enrolled college courses stays with them for their college career.
  • Dual enrollment students will not be guaranteed certain courses.
  • A registration questionnaire will be sent to students in June regarding desired courses.
  • Once accepted, admissions will contact you and arrange to set up a time to come in and register for classes.
  • Orientation for dual enrollment students will occur in August before classes begin.

You may never want to leave!


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I’ve been practicing discipline and self motivation for years, which makes transitioning into the college workload and format easy! I came to college with a fresh mind, motivated attitude, sense of wonder and an excitement to learn.

Mary Kate Reid, ’16
Business Major
Concentration in Management
Former Homeschooler