You are a unique individual; don’t get lost as a face in the crowd. Be who you were meant to be, a well-rounded and successful individual. Belmont Abbey College is a small but lively, tight-knit community where students come to thrive, make connections, and achieve success both inside and outside of the classroom. Do you want a college that fosters your individuality and helps you develop the growth of your whole person: mind, body, and spirit?

Develop your mind.

Do you want to take pride and find excitement in your education? The liberal arts education offered at Belmont Abbey College allows you the opportunity to pursue the root of what is right and just, what is true and good. Discover truth through taking charge of your unique educational experience. Don’t just memorize material from test to test; learn how to become a critical thinker, a mover, a shaker, an active and successful citizen of the world.

Develop your body.

We believe the college experience is about so much more than just pursuing excellence in the classroom; it’s about pursuing excellence in every aspect of your life. Our students are active and involved; whether it’s playing for one of our 19 NCAA Division II athletic teams or joining an Ultimate Frisbee game in the quad on a Friday afternoon, whether it’s performing onstage in our Haid Theater with the Abbey Players or joining our Improv Troupe for a wild night of laughs, whether it’s honing your journalism skills on the staff of the Crusader newspaper or submitting poetry to the Agora literary journal…whatever it is that you do, pursue it with excellence at Belmont Abbey College.

Develop your spirit.

Belmont Abbey College’s Catholic heritage can be strongly felt on campus. Take charge not only of your education, but also of your spiritual growth. With many opportunities to develop your spirituality on campus, actively take charge of your faith-life.

Balancing the growth of your mind, body, and spirit, you can develop and prepare yourself for success in any career field and in every aspect of your life. Be an individual. Be yourself. Be a Crusader. Who wouldn’t want that?