Dr. Grattan Brown 

Associate Professor of Theology


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B.A., Washington and Lee University
S.T.B., University of St. Thomas Aquinas
M.A., University of Memphis
S.T.L., Accademia Alfonsiana
Ph.D., Accademia Alfonsiana
  • Introduction to Scripture
  • Bioethics in the Catholic Tradition
  • Introduction to Moral Theology
  • Catholic Social Thought
  • Theology of Sexuality and Marriage
  • Freshman Year Symposium
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Senior Theology Seminar
  • “Medical Futility in Concept, Culture, and Practice.” The Journal of Clinical Ethics (2018) forthcoming
  • “Learning the Long View: An Essay on the Liberal Arts.” Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly 39.3-4 (2016): 17-23.
  • I Am With You Always: Prayers and Meditations, editor/author (Charlotte, NC: St. Benedict Press, 2015).
  • “Freedom and the Paradox of Suffering,” Freedom and the Moral Law: Proceedings of the 36th Annual Convention of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, ed. Elizabeth C. Shaw (Notre Dame, Ind.: Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, 2014).
  • “Clarifying the Concept of Medical Futility,” National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 14.1 (2014): 39-45.
  • “A Free Society of Self-Correction?” in Theologian and Philosopher of Liberty: Essays of Evaluation and Criticism in Honor of Michael Novak, Samuel Gregg (ed.), (Grand Rapids: Acton Institute, 2014).
  • “Seeing Through False Arguments for Embryonic Stem Cell Research” (Belmont Abbey College, 2009).
  • “The Social Responsibility of Catholic Health Care Institutions,” National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 8:4 (2009): 697-708.
  • “Reading the Signs of Death: A Theological Analysis.” National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 7:3 (2007), 467-476.
  • “Institutional Conscience in Catholic Health Care.” Life and Learning XVI: Proceedings of the Sixteenth University Faculty for Life Conference (2006), 413-422.
  • Bioethics
  • Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church
  • Fundamental Moral Theology
  • Theology of Marriage