Agora is Belmont Abbey College’s student literary magazine, published yearly during spring semester. A call for submissions of poetry, short fiction, essays, graphic art, and photography goes out yearly to students and faculty, and a student board of editors decides what works will be published. Prizes are also awarded for the best submission in the categories of written work (poetry, stories, and essays) and art (graphic art, computer art, and photography). The winners are determined by Agora’s student editors.

Over the school year, the Agora staff also holds several “Poetry, Song, and Story Evenings” to which students and faculty are invited to come and share favorite or original poems, stories, and songs. These gatherings are open to all in the college community who would like to come as audience or as sharers, and while we try to work up a loose schedule, the mike is open. Students who would like to participate in any aspect of Agora should contact:

Faculty moderator:
Dr. Rebecca Munro

For submissions:

The 2017 Agora

The 2016 Agora


2015 Agora XLVIII
2014 Agora XLVII
2013 Agora XLVI
2012 Agora XLV
2011 Agora XLIV
2010 Agora XLIII
2009 Agora XLII
2008 Agora XLI
2007 Agora XL

Archived Agora publications prior to 2006 are available in the Abbot Vincent Taylor Library at Belmont Abbey College.

The Award-Winning Agora

The latest edition of our Agora literary and art journal is submitted to the North Carolina College Media Association each fall to be entered into statewide college media contests. Agora is judged among other literary journals submitted by North Carolina colleges and universities of 6500 and fewer students. We have been submitting to the contest since 2010. The first year we submitted, we won first prize for poetry; every other year since then we have won an honorable mention: fiction, poetry, and photography.

Our 2014 edition made quite a splash: we came in third for the overall quality of our journal, and we were awarded first place for fiction, second place for poetry, and second place for photography.

Here are our winner names and titles of the works: “The Lamp of the Body” by Brother George Rumley: first prize for fiction “Vision” by Richard Wilson: second prize for poetry “The Swan of Lake Luzern” by Emily Colker: second prize for photography Click here to view a pdf list of prizes awarded by the North Carolina College Media Association. Congratulations to to our submitters and many thanks to our editors and to Renae Heustess for her design editing!