Idleness is the enemy of the soul;
and therefore the brethren ought to be employed in manual labor at certain times,
at others, in devout reading.

If, however, the needs of the place, or poverty
should require that they do the work of gathering the harvest themselves,
let them not be downcast, for then are they monks in truth,
if they live by the work of their hands, as did also our forefathers and the Apostles.
However, on account of the faint-hearted let all things be done with moderation.

On Sunday also let all devote themselves to reading, except those who are appointed to the various functions.

But if anyone should be so careless and slothful that he will not or cannot meditate or read, let some work be given him to do, that he may not be idle.

– From Chapter 48 of “The Rule” of Saint Benedict

From a life of prayer flows the “Labora” of our lives– the Work of our lives– led by Christ’s direction, especially in embracing ones vocation in life. The primary “Labora” of our students is their academic work, but there is more! Discover the ways our students reach out to one another and the community.