Crusaders for Life:

Crusaders for Life is The Respect Life group on Campus. Crusaders for Life participate in various local and national Pro-Life activities. These include the March for Life in Washington DC , and the Room at the Inn Pro-Life banquet.

The organization not only focuses on abortion issues, but also all issues that affect the dignity of life including infanticide, capital punishment, hunger, poverty, and euthanasia. Crusaders for Life is a compassionate and non-judging organization that seeks to love all people and defend the dignity of human life.


A household is a small Christ-centered group of students that realize the difficulty one can face in leaving behind their spiritual foundation and coming to college. It is sometimes difficult leaving your family and coming to school and to maintain your prayer and faith life on campus. Members of the households strive to support each other in growing spiritually, academically and emotionally. There is both a male and female household on campus.

Faithful Daughters (Women)
Brothers of Christ, Sons of Mary (Men)

For more information about either household contact the Campus Ministry Office at 704-461-5094