It is not unusual for a student to come to college having already received counseling at home. Others may not have previous counseling experience but may have difficulty with transitioning to college or may have other issues or concerns arise while at college. In either of these circumstances, students and parents are advised to consult with Counseling Services to get information about the best options available to them. We can assess your child’s current needs and then link him or her with the most appropriate treatment option. Such options may include any of the following short-term individual counseling with Counseling Services and/or a referral to a qualified provider in the community. In any circumstance, parents are encouraged to offer continued support and involvement as this is often crucial to the well-being of the student.


If your daughter or son has a relationship with a therapist at home, she or he may want to continue with that relationship and will need to make appropriate arrangements. Your child may need to be connected with a new therapist in the area. In addition, if your child is receiving treatment and medication management with a psychiatrist at home, it will be important to determine how to maintain that relationship during the academic year. The transition to college is a time when direct therapeutic support is especially valuable to students with previous psychological or psychiatric treatment. Counseling Services therefore recommends that families discuss with the student’s therapist and/or psychiatrist or other health care provider how this transition will best be handled. If private insurance covers your child’s care, it is important that parents, students and the home therapist and/or psychiatrist work with that provider prior to beginning college in order to arrange for on-going care. If your child will be covered by student health insurance, you can go to Counseling Services website to access area therapists and psychiatrists. Counseling Services strongly recommends that you and your daughter or son begin these preparations at least two months prior to arriving at college. Counseling Services can assist with resource information.


It is understandable that you may wish to be involved when you son or daughter seeks counseling, but confidentiality guidelines mandate that any information a student who is a client of Counseling Services shares with counselors is protected by professional ethics and state law. As such, information about the counseling a student receives is not released, except upon a student’s written permission, or in circumstance which would result in clear danger to the student or others, or as may be required by law. While it not legal or ethical for Counseling Services to provide parents with information that, a son or daughter reveals in counseling, parents are welcome to call Counseling Services with feedback or to consult with counselors regarding your concerns about your child.

Counseling Services is located The Campus Wellness Center and operates during normal business hours Monday through Friday during Fall and Spring Semester