The Bishop William G. Curlin Scholarship Program 

A Curlin scholar will find personal formation, spiritual formation, and other learning experiences outside the classroom. Your academic advisor will guide your coursework based on your major and work with the program director to ensure your college career is one that forms you in the mind of Christ just like Bishop Curlin.


Bishop William G. Curlin served God in a way that few dare. Like his friend Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, he had a love for the sick, the dying, the poor— those in need of Christ’s love. He served for more than 60 years in both the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. and 23 years in the Diocese of Charlotte. His deep love for Jesus permeated his every day and every action. His episcopal motto was Sentire Cum Christo—to have in you the mind of Christ.


Belmont Abbey College wishes to honor this remarkable man with this prestigious scholarship program to not only memorialize a great man, but to extend his legacy of love well beyond his years here on earth.

The Bishop William G. Curlin Scholarship provides up to $7500 annually to each student accepted into the program. Directed by our own Brother James, students in this program will grow in the model of Bishop Curlin to prepare them for a future dedicated to the needy.


Students interested in pre-med, biology, psychology, social work, or other similar caring professions are the kinds of students we seek for this program.

Students should also demonstrate

  • a leadership role in their church
  • a desire to serve
  • a model of Christian service in their community
  • an interest in working with the aged, the sick, and the dying
  • commitment to serve both financially and socially underrepresented populations


A distinct feature of the program is both experiential learning in the form of internships and other travel experiences as well as regular meetings with the program director. In this, a Curlin scholar will find both personal  and spiritual formation,

Curlin Scholars will receive a scholarship of up to $7,500 renewable annually.


Interested applicants must apply for the program after receiving acceptance from Belmont Abbey College. To receive preferential consideration candidates should take advantage of our Early Action program. Those accepted to the college prior to November 1st will have a greater opportunity for a larger scholarship. 

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