Dr. Daniel Hutchinson 

 Associate Professor of History, Chair of the History Department


PhD. – American History, Florida State University (2011)
M.A. – History, University of Alabama-Birmingham (2005)
B.A. – History, Belmont Abbey College (2002)
• FS101 – The First Year Symposium (Fall 2011-2013, 2015)
• HI101 – The History of Western Civilization, Part I (annually)
• HI102 – The History of Western Civilization, Part II (annually)
• HI204 – The History of the United States Since 1877 (Fall 2011)
• HI301 – Socrates vs. Confucius: Comparative Political Cultures in World
• History (Fall 2013)
• HI313 – The Old South (Fall 2014)
• HI333 – World War II (Spring 2012 & 2015)
• HI334 – Religion and Revolution in Early America (Fall 2012 & 2015)
• HI385 – The Cold War (Spring 2013 & 2016)
• HI400 – Thomas More Scholars History Seminar (Spring 2014)
• HI401 – Coordinating Seminar for the Senior Thesis (Spring 2012-2016)
• HI403 – The Civil Rights Movement (Fall 2013 & Summer 2015)
• HO455 – Honors Institute History Seminar (Spring 2014)
• “Defending the Lands of Their Ancestors: The African American Military Experience in Africa During World War II.” Judith Byfield and Carolyn Brown, eds. Africa During World War II (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015): 401-420.
• “’We are the most fortunate of prisoners’: The Axis POW Experience At Camp Opelika, Alabama, During World War II.” Alabama Review 64 (October 2011): 285- 320. Winner of the Milo B. Howard Award from the Alabama Historical Association, for the best article published in The Alabama Review from 2010-2011.
• “Catholics and Jim Crow: Recent Scholarship on Southern Catholicism during the Civil Rights Movement,” Journal of Southern Religion 12(2010):
• “The Oasis: The Fort McClellan Prisoner of War Camp During World War II,” Alabama Heritage 89 (Summer 2008): 40-52. “Guests Behind Barbed Wire: German Prisoner of War Camps In Alabama During World War II,” Vulcan Historical Review, 9 (Fall 2005): 118-131
• “Spirits, Flim-Flam, and Exposé: The Tumultuous Relationship of Harry Houdini and Spiritualism,” Vulcan Historical Review, 1 (Spring 2003): 22-41 Book Reviews: Civil Rights Movement: People and Perspectives. Michael Ezra, ed. (Perspectives in American Social History Series. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2009). H-Net Reviews. October 2009.
• The American Enemy: The History of French Anti-Americanism. By Philippe Roger, translated by Sharon Bowman. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005) NeoAmericanist, Volume 5 (Spring/Summer 2009).
• “I Must Be a Part of This War”: One Man’s Fight Against Hitler and Nazism. By Patricia Kollander, with John O’Sullivan (Fordham University Press, 2005) H-Net Reviews. November 2006.
• Rip It Up And Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984. By Simon Reynolds. (Penguin Books, 2006). NeoAmericanist, Volume 2 (Fall 2006/Winter 2007).
• Given Up For Dead: American GI’s in the Nazi Concentration Camp at Berga. By Flint Whitlock (Westview Press, 2005) On Point: The Journal of Army History. Vol. 12, No. 2 (Fall 2006): 43-44. POWs and the Great War: Captivity in the Eastern Front. By Alon Rachamimov (Berg Publishers, 2002). Vulcan Historical Review, Volume 9 (Fall 2005): 162-164.
• No Saloon in the Valley: The Southern Strategy of Texas Prohibitionists in the 1880’s. By James D. Ivy (Baylor University Press, 2003). The Southern Historian. Volume 25, 1 (Spring 2004): 91-93.
• Schools Behind Barbed Wire: The Untold Story of Wartime Internment and the Children of Arrested Enemy Aliens. By Karen L. Riley (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002). The Southern Historian. Volume 25, 1 (Spring 2004): 107-109.
• International Conferences July 2013: Conference Rapporteur, Young Leader’s Conference, American Council on Germany. Munich and Berlin, Germany. April 2009:
• “I am ready for death now any minute”: Resistance, Motivation, and Repatriation of Soviet POWs Held in America During the Second World War.” Coming Home? Conflict and Return Migration in Twentieth-Century Europe. University of Southampton, United Kingdom. November 2005 – Moderator, “Prisoners of War,” Memory Hall Session at International World War Two Conference. National D-Day Museum, New Orleans, LA. (POSTPONED DUE TO HURRICANE KATRINA)
• National Conferences July 2015 – “1929 Loray Mill Strike Prototype for Reacting to the Past.” Reacting to the Past Game Development Conference, Athens, GA.
• March 2013 – “The Bus As Battleground: African American Soldiers and Public Transportation during World War II.” Society of Military History Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.
• October 2012 – “Between Scylla and Charybdis: The Repatriation of Soviet POWs in the United States During World War II.” German Studies Association Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, WI.
• June 2011 – “Southern (In)Hospitality: Military Bases and Civil-Military Relations in the American South During World War II.” The Society of Military History Annual Meeting, Lisle, IL.
• November 2010 – “Caught Between Sickle and Swastika: The Odyssey and Repatriation of Soviet POWs Held in the United States During the Second World War.” Southern Historical Association Meeting, Charlotte,, NC.
• June 2010 – “Hamlets Into Boomtowns: Military Installations and the Transformation of the Rural South During World War II.” Agricultural History Society Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL.

• American Historical Association
• Organization of American Historians
• Southern Historical Association (SHA) and the European Section of the SHA
• Society of Military History
• Alabama Historical Association
• German Studies Association
• Charlotte Historians Group