Dr. David M. Williams 

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Professor of Theology


B.A., Georgetown University
M.A., Boston College
Ph.D., Boston College (Political Science)
Ph.D., Boston College (Theology)
  • TH 311: Jesus and Salvation
  • TH 330: Intro. Moral Theology
  • TH 350: Special Topics: Eschatology
  • HO 240: Classics of Christian Theology & Spirituality
  • TH 365: World Religions
  • TH 401: Paul and his Letters
  • TH 402: Gospels
  • “The Immutability of Natural Law according to Suarez.” The Thomist 62 (1998) 97-115.
  • “After the Hermeneutic Circle: the later Segundo and the Bible.” Fides Quaerens Intellectum 2 (2002) 91-112.
  • Receiving the Bible in Faith: Historical and Theological Exegesis. The Catholic University of America Press, September 2004.
  • “Thomas Aquinas as Reader of Paul.” 17th Annual Aquinas-Luther Conference, sponsored by the Center for Theology, Lenoir-Rhyne College (Hickory NC), October 2009.
  • “From Gospel to Gospels to Canon: Inspiration, Authority, and Interpretation in the New Testament.” Lecture series, Summer Bible Institute, Oratory Center for Spirituality (Rock Hill, SC), July 2012.
  • American Political Thought
  • Medieval Political Thought
  • History of Christian Exegesis
  • Monasticism
  • Natural Law
  • New Testament
  • Political Philosophy
  • St. Augustine