Dr. Erin Jensen

Dr. Erin Jensen

Associate Professor of English

B.A. in English, University of Utah

M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning, University of Utah

Ph.D. in Education, Culture, and Society/Rhetoric and Composition, University of Utah

  • RH 101: Rhetoric I
  • RH 102: Rhetoric II
  • CE 101: Communications Essentials
  • RH 104: Rhetoric and Writing
  • EN 361: Social Media Writing
  • EN 362: Editing and Writing for Publication
  • EN 363: Professional and Technical Writing


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  • Humanities Commons’ Influence on Writing Courses Engagement. Making Connections Conference #HCTwitterConf19
  • The Art of Likes: Writing Centers’ Navigation of Social Media’s Tensions. IWCA-NCPTW , Ohio
  • The Skills We Carry Forward: From Freshman Composition to Beyond. TYCA West, Utah
  • Languaging the Silence in L2 Writing Classrooms. College Composition and Communication Conference, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Community-Engaged Learning in the Writing Center and Writing Courses. RMMLA. Spokane, Washington.
  • Sustainable multilingual pedagogies for L2 students: Cultivating More Inclusive Classrooms. College Composition and Communication Conference, Portland, Oregon.
  • Integrating Writing for Undergraduate Academic Journals into Writing Courses. The Workplace and Beyond: Technical and Professional Communication.
  • Figured Worlds: Chinese International Students’ Experiences in First-Year College Composition Courses. Rocky Mountain Rhetoric Symposium.  Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Cyborg in the Writing Center: Welcoming Technologies into the Writing ProcessInternational Writing Center Association (IWCA), Denver, Colorado.
  • Online peer-review writing workshops and L2 students. Symposium on Emerging Technology Trends in Higher Education. University of Utah
  • Influences of Chinese students’ writing in U.S. academic spaces. American Educational Studies Association (AESA) Conference. Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Online digital networks for L2 learners: Online writing workshops, online writing tutoring, and online writing classes. Western  States Rhetoric and Literacy Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • International Admissions Brokers: Streamlining or complicating writing support?  College Composition and Communication Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • The global and the local: International graduate students in U.S. Writing Centers.  International Writing Centers Association Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Writing from sources: Examining university L1 and  L2 writers’ experiences.  Symposium on Second Language Writing, Lafayette, Indiana.
  • Rhetoric and Composition Studies

  • Social Media Writing

  • Technical and Professional Writing

  • Multilingual and International Students

  • Writing Centers