Dr. Gina Maria Noia

Dr. Gina Maria Noia
Dr. Gina Maria Noia
Assistant Professor and Resident Bioethicist,

Meet Dr. Gina Maria Noia

Her students’ questions and concerns help to direct her work as a theologian.

On the pickleball court: She was a women’s doubles high school pickleball champion.

“I teach because I love sharing my education and experience with my students, and because I love learning from my students.”

Examples of classes taught by Dr. Gina Maria Noia:

  • PhD, Saint Louis University
  • MA, Saint Louis University
  • BS, The University of Scranton

Journal Articles

  • “Sensus Fideli-whom?: Retrieving Insights from Johann Adam Möhler.” Journal of Moral Theology, forthcoming.
  • “The Principle of Double Effect within Catholic Moral Theology: A Response to Two Criticisms of the Principle in Relation to Palliative Sedation.” Journal of Moral Theology 6, no. 2 (2017): 130-148.
  • “Authentic Christian Bioethics: Engelhardt’s Relationship Between Faith and Reason Critically Reassessed.” Christian Bioethics20, no. 2 (2014): 196-209.
  • “Treatment of Unexplained Subfertility in Catholic Health Care: Taking the Lead toward a Natural Approach.” Health Care Ethics USA 21, no. 2 (Spring 2013).


Book Reviews

  • Review of Catholic Bioethics and Social Justice: The Praxis of US Health Care in a Globalized World, edited by M. Therese Lysaught and Michael McCarthy. Journal of Moral Theology, January 2020.
  • Review of Contemporary Catholic Health Care Ethics (2nd ed.), by David F. Kelly, Gerard Magill, and Henk ten Have. Doody’s Review Service, October 2013.
  • Review of The Development of Bioethics in the United States, edited by Jeremy R. Garrett, Fabrice Jotterand, and D. Christopher Ralston. Doody’s Review Service, July 2013.
  • Review of The Roots of Bioethics: Health, Progress, Technology, Death, by Daniel Callahan. Doody’s Review Service, June 2013.
  • Review of Bioethics: An Introduction, by Marianne Talbot. Doody’s Review Service, December 2012.
  • Review of The History and Future of Bioethics: A Sociological View, by John H. Evans. Doody’s Review Service, November 2012.
  • Review of Informed Consent, Proxy Consent, and Catholic Bioethics, by Grzegorz Mazur OP. Doody’s Review Service, May 2012.
  • Review of From Justice to Protection: A Proposal for Public Health Bioethics, by Miguel Kottow. Doody’s Review Service, May 2012.
  • Review of Death, Dying, and Organ Transplantation: Reconstructing Medical Ethics at the End of Life, by Franklin G. Miller and Robert D. Truog. Doody’s Review Service, February 2012.
  • Review of Medical Ethics: Sources of Catholic Teachings (4th ed.), by Kevin D. O’Rourke OP and Philip J. Boyle. Doody’s Review Service, August 2011.
  • Catholic Bioethics
  • Clinical Ethics
  • Catholic Moral Theology

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