Mary Potter Summa

Mary Potter Summa
Assistant Professor,
Criminal Justice

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Examples of the classes taught by Mary Potter Summa:
  • Criminal Justice

B.A., Chestnut Hill College
J.D., Campbell University School of Law

• “Plan B: The Indefensible Attack on Our Daughters.” Family North Carolina, Spring 2014. http://
• “The Life Battle: Changing and Building on S353.” Family North Carolina,
Winter 2014.
• “Evil Science: Deficiencies in the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.” Family North Carolina. Summer 2014
• “Life and Liberty: Why the Sanctity of Life Ethic is Necessary for Freedom. Family North Carolina. Summer
2013 .
• “It Doesn’t Take A Village: The Destructive Effects of the DeFacto Parenting
Doctrine.” Family North Carolina. Spring 2013.
• “Surrogacy: Sold Before Conception.” Family North Carolina. Spring 2013.


• “Medicine, Minors and Parents: Diminishing Parental Rights in Medicine.”Family North Carolina. Winter 2013. FNC_Winter_13_MedicineMinorsandParents.pdf
• “Fetal Pain: Why the Pain of Unborn Children Should Prevent Abortion.” Family
North Carolina. Winter 2013 .
• “Physician Assisted Suicide: Forsaking the Sick and Elderly.” Family North Carolina. Fall 2012 .http:// at page 13.
• “Hijacking Conscience Clauses: Manipulating the Law to Protect the ‘Right to
Kill’.” Family North Carolina. Summer 2012.
• “Designer Babies: The Slippery Slope of Artificial Reproductive Techniques.”
Family North Carolina. Summer 2012.
• “The Changing Definition of Parenthood: How Adult Whims Have Superseded
Children’s Needs in American Family Law.” Family North Carolina. Spring
• “Poisonous Fruit: Abortion’s Dark Beginnings in Eugenics.” Family North
Carolina. Winter 2012.
• “The Myth of Sexual Liberty: How Lawrence v. Texas Threatens Families and
Freedom.” Family North Carolina. Fall 2011.
• “Informed Consent: Equal Treatment for Women in Medicine,” Family North
Carolina, Spring 2011.
• “Parental Rights: The Guardian of Freedom,” Family North Carolina. Spring
• “The Silent Killer: An Argument Against Euthanasia,” Family North Carolina,
Winter 2010.
• “Do No Harm: The Shifting Standard in Medicine,”Family North Carolina.
Summer 2010.
• “Slip-Sliding Down the Path of Euthanasia,” Family North Carolina. Spring
• “Babies for Sale – Buying and Selling Human Life in Surrogacy Agreements.”
Family North Carolina. Fall 2009.

  • 2016 NCLawyers Weekly/Mecklenburg Times 50 Most Influential Women, Nominee
  • 1996 Charlotte World, Salt and Light Award
  • 1992 Room at the Inn, Monsignor William Welhein Award for Life
  • 1992 Eagle Forum, National Full-time Homemaker of the Year

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