Open up a life well-lived through the Great Books.

Community/Cultural Events

  • Live in an atmosphere that encourages growth in faith and virtue
  • Experience lively and lasting friendships centered around shared pursuit of truth
  • Study abroad in Ireland and attend a seaside retreat at Hilton Head Island
  • Regularly attend symphonic and dance performances with fellow students and professors
  • Share informal gatherings, including meals with Honors College students and faculty, bonfires, movie nights, and reading groups.


  • Gain the foundation necessary for both for a career and a life well-lived. Students can choose four years of study committed exclusively to the great books or elect a traditional major while also studying a 77-credit great books core. See four-year-curriculum.
  • Investigate the fundamental questions of human and divine realities.
  • Do a little bit well, using “textual analysis to conduct a close and careful reading of great books. 
  • With the help of the greatest minds, explore the contemporary crises that shape the world in which we live.
  • Advance in awareness of the foundational impacts of Ancient, Christian, and Modern Thought.
  • Acquire the art of concise, persuasive writing. Learn more here. 

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