Dr. Hugh Sales 

Associate Professor of Business


  • B.A., Trinity Christian College
  • M.B.A., Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Dallas
  • First Year Symposium (FS 101)
  • Economics (Micro) (EC 202)
  • Human Resource Management (BU 404)
  • International Marketing (BU 317)
  • Social Ventures (ET401)
  • Management (BU 300)
  • Entrepreneurship (ET 300)
  • Affecting Philanthropic Propensity
    Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Business Fall, 2014 Issue
    Et Labora: The Daily Work: A Christian Examination of the Work Ethic
  • Dissertation: Strings Attached Funding: A Case Study of Dallas Social Venture Partners
    Dr. Richard Scotch (chair), Dr. Simon Fass, Dr. Young-Joo Lee
  • Abstract: A new form of philanthropy has emerged characterized by donors who become actively engaged in the nonprofits they support. One manifestation of this new philanthropy is an organization called Dallas Social Venture Partners. What makes this organization unique is the funding model they utilize: venture capitalism as found in the private sector. Funds allocated to the nonprofit are long term, but come with requirements for intrusive donor involvement in the operational aspects of the nonprofit. My research looks at the effectiveness of this private sector funding mechanism for the partners and institutions.