Mary Beth Chambers

Assistant Professor of Motorsports Management

B.A., University of Kentucky
M.Ed., Bowling Green State University
  • SM 201 – Introduction to Sport Management
  • SM 360 – Sport Business and Finance
  • MM 201 – Introduction to Motorsport Management
  • MM 320 – Motorsport Administration & Governance
  • MM 340 – Motorsport Facilities & Events
  • MM 360 – Motorsport Business and Finance
  • MM 456 – Motorsport Internship
  • Mazzeo, M.E. & Cuneen, J. & Claussen, C.L. (1997). Retail Licensing Procedures Used by Selected NCAA Division I Institutions: Implications for Licensees of Collegiate Memorabilia. Sport Marketing Quarterly. 6(1). 41 – 46.
  • Mazzeo, M.E. & Cuneen, J. & Claussen, C.L. (1997). Determining Costs and Forecasting Profits for a Multilogoed Collegiate Memorabilia Poster: A Profitability Study in New Product Development. Sport Marketing Quarterly. 6(3). 41 – 47.
  • As I pursue my Ph.D., I am very interested in contributing to the body of knowledge for both the sport and motorsport industry, in the form of textbooks, chapters of books (sports management) and peer-reviewed journal articles. I am goal-setting to become a research scholar and business consultant, hired by individuals, organizations, and universities to teach best practices, quantify economic impact, evaluate business and marketing initiatives and investigate problems to ultimately offer innovative and meaningful solutions. I am currently exploring ideas and theories relating to the use of managerial skills and leadership concepts in sport and motorsport organizations, with the intent to understand the components of peak performance and determine how people in top sport and motorsport organizations communicate and interact with each other. Ideas such as leadership, team culture, motivation, organizational change, and managerial skills all are resonating with me and I have many ideas on ways in which a deeper understanding of these elements can enable me to offer assistance to organizations and teams to improve performance.