Video Perspectives

Jessie Brushaber – Class of 2014
Major: English
Hometown: Greenville, SC

Timothy Gill
Major: Education
Hometown: Boston, MA

Carolina Weakland-Warden
Major: English
Hometown: Madison, WI

Written Perspectives

PatrickMcHenryPatrick McHenry – Class of 1999
Major: History
Hometown: Gastonia, NC

“Had I not experienced the Abbey, I don’t think I would be in Congress today. I don’t think I would be as happy personally and have a fulfilled spirtual life and fulfilled personal life as I do without my Abbey education and training. It’s those monks that are on campus and those professors that gave me just a little bit more than I could have experienced at any other institution.”

Javier Valleya-Ayala – Class of 2014
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico

“I came to the Abbey because I wanted to be part of a school in which I could share the same beliefs with others.  The faith basis on this campus lays the ground work for faith and cultural diversity.  I feel completely welcome here.  I am encouraged to grow in mind, body, and spirit.”

Brigid Wilson – Class of 2015
Major:  Psychology (Honors Institute Fellow)
Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

“I came to the Abbey for many reasons – the usual suspects of faith, education, and small community.  But the real question is why do I stay?  Because of the people.  The people of Belmont Abbey are one of a kind, and the friendships I’ve made here surpass all of my expectations!”

mikelahetaMike Laheta – Class of 2012

Major: Marketing

“Belmont Abbey truly exemplifies what it means to educate the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and I found opportunities and activities to support my learning, growth and development in all three areas. Having access to professors outside the classroom allowed me to explore areads of interest to me beyond the course curriculum. I think that is something that makes the Abbey unique.”

JessicaJessica Jasso – class of 2014
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

My four years at Belmont Abbey were years that helped me grow and learn, as an Accounting major and as a Christian. I am who I am today because of the people that I met and the experiences I encountered during college. My spiritual life had the biggest change. I was able to grow deeper in my faith and fall in love with God all over again. I was challenged by my peers, professors and the monks to take advantage of every opportunity that I had at the Abbey, including daily mass and confession and a beautiful adoration chapel outside my door. I was also able to find a career that I absolutely love and I am excited to continue developing skills and talents to help me succeed. The community at Belmont Abbey is like no other. I feel like Belmont Abbey draws certain types of personalities and I am so grateful for that because I have met some of my best friends there. You really become a family at the Abbey.

I am now an Accountant at Mel Jackson Tax & Accounting in Charlotte, NC, where I have worked for over a year. I started working here the summer before my senior year and then continued to work through the school year. By the end of 2014 I will be certified to file Federal Tax Returns; I am very excited! I plan on going back to school in the near future for my Masters in Accounting and then to get my CPA certification.”

Sarah Bathon – Class of 2016
Major:  Elementary Education
Hometown: Greenville, SC

“I initially came to Belmont Abbey simply because it was one of the only schools that was still accepting students in July for the Fall semester.  After arriving and becoming a part of the community, I fell in love and couldn’t imagine leaving.  The spirit of the community, the classes, the people, and campus itself became my home away from home.  My college experience continues to encourage me and push to grow and flourish academically and spiritually in ways that cannot be found anywhere else.”

dangDan Guffey – Class of 2010
Major: Motorsports Management

“Few schools offer such a specialized program that provides access to influential people within that industry. Belmont Abbey’s motorsports management program delivers the unique ability to not only learn the industry but also connect with industry professionals who frequented our classes as guest speakers. At the end of the day, opportunities are about people and relationships. Establishing those vital connections helps lead to a bright future.”

Michael Castillo – Class of 2014
Major: Sports Management
Hometown: Covina, CA

“I am originally from Covina, California and I made the decision to come clear across country to study business and sports management Belmont Abbey College. After my experience here, I can say confidently that my choice to attend the Abbey was the best I have made! The Abbey has helped shaped me into the person I am now. I have grown spiritually and have made friends that will last a lifetime. Also during my time at the Abbey I was able to pursue my passion for sports by taking an internship with the Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets, owned by Michael Jordan. Overall Belmont Abbey was an amazing experience filled with unforgettable memories, countless learning moments, and spirit-filled people.”

Sean Flaherty – Class of 2015
Major:  Business
Hometown: Greensboro, NC

“I was attracted to Belmont Abbey College mainly for the teaching environment.  The Business Department is one of the best because critical thinking is encouraged; with the average class size being roughly 15, the learning environment is perfect for class participation.  This allows the focus to be on student development and fosters professional growth.”

MosesMoses Stansberry – Class of 2013
Major: Business

“Marketing is an extremely competitive field but Belmont Abbey prepared me well. Career Services offered me an internship with the top media company in the world: Clear Channel Media. The week my internship ended, I was offered a paid position in the promotions department. Recently I was hired by Time Warner Cable Media to build marketing strategies for companies all over the US.”

Mary Whitfield – Class of 2014
Major:  English (Thomas More Scholar)
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

“I came to the Abbey because the professors provide not only academic assistance, but guide us to be better people, and to glorify God in everything that we do.  I wanted an authentic Catholic education and I am confident that I received that. We are encouraged to be our best selves.”

DanKoryckiDaniel Korycki – Class of 2014
Major: History

“I found Belmont Abbey College to be a peaceful place where I could focus on building valuable friendships and advancing considerably in my chosen field of academics, history. The history department faculty members in particular impressed me with their depth and breadth of knowledge, as well as their willingness and ability to connect with their students and inspire them to excellence. My time at Belmont Abbey was definitely a formative experience and the friends and memories I found there will likely stay with me for the rest of my life. I will take my experiences at Belmont Abbey with me as I travel to Slovakia this year to teach English overseas.

Caramel Ferdinand – Class of 2013
Major: Education
Home: St. Vincent (in the Carribean)

“Belmont Abbey College is more than just an Alma Mater to me. It’s the place where I learned more about the world and about myself. Coming from a different culture, 2000 miles away, I immediately felt welcome and accepted. I discovered a new home. Through different opportunities, such as the Honors Fellowship and being a Resident Assistant, I was able to challenge myself and make friends who are now like family. The Abbey helped me grow spiritually, emotionally, socially and of course, intellectually. I would not be the person that I am today if I hadn’t come to the Abbey. So no, Belmont Abbey is not just my Alma Mater. It’s a place I call home.”

Kurt Ferreira – Class of 2015

Major:  English
Hometown: Turlock, CA

“When I came to the Abbey I felt a sense of community.  When you arrive, you become a unique part of the Abbey.  No matter where you go, you will be taking a small part of the Abbey with you.”


Jessie Brushaber – Class of 2014
Major: English
Hometown: Greenville, SC

“Belmont Abbey has bettered my life in countless, invaluable ways. With BAC’s excellent academics, vibrant enthusiasm for the Catholic faith, and especially the inspiring students and staff that fill its beautiful campus, I could not have picked a better place to earn my English degree.  I already miss the Abbey, my home-away-from-home, but at the same time I feel incredibly well prepared for life outside of college. Because of the small classroom sizes and professors’ genuine concern for each student’s well-being and success, gathering references for my job applications was simple. Indeed, one of the things I cherished most about the Abbey was the accessibility of the faculty and the personal relationships I formed with them. The very nature of the liberal arts education has made me a better-rounded person by strengthening my communication skills and fostering exploration of subjects outside my major. As I start my new job at a library headquarters, I will bring with me everything I have learned from both my classes and my friendships, and I could not be more grateful for the blessing of my years at Belmont Abbey.”

Bridget Franer – Class of 2014
Major: Sports Management (Hintemeyer Catholic Leadership Program)
Hometown: Fayetteville, OH

“Belmont Abbey has truly become a second home for me. After being homeschooled K-12, I was looking for a small school environment where I could play tennis and receive a liberal arts education while also growing in my Catholic faith. Through the Godly people I’ve had the great benefit of meeting here, whether it be friends, coaches, professors, or the monks, I’ve found a second family that has formed and prepared me for the rest of my life.”

Montana Rindahl – Class of 2015
Major: English (Honors Institute Fellow)
Hometown: Columbia, SC

“As a student homeschooled K-12, I only looked at small schools because I wanted a low student-to-teacher ratio. The Abbey has provided that and so much more! All of my professors know me personally and are invested in knowing me in and out of the classroom–knowing about my major, my sport, my family, friends and interests. It’s like having lots of extra, really brilliant parents that give you homework (which isn’t actually very different from just having parents).”



Scott Lynch – Class of 2015
Major: History
Hometown: San Diego, CA

“The history department at Belmont Abbey College has given me a chance to develop capabilities I had not thought I was capable of achieving. I have constantly found that my teachers were always willing and eager to help me persevere in difficulty and to fulfill my potential. In the summer of 2014 I was given a wonderful opportunity to work as an intern at the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. My experience as a history major at the Abbey has helped prepare me for the internship, and I am forever grateful for the love and care the department has provided me as a student.”


DarrenBalkeyDarren Balkey – Class of 2014
Major: Criminal Justice

“My time spent at Belmont Abbey College enabled me to study under passionate professors. The Catholic intellectual tradition of the College and the hospitable example of the monks showed me how to see everything in the bigger picture, and to respond to my neighbors as Christ. Finally, living on campus occasioned a powerful formation alongside awesome peers.

The Criminal Justice program provided me with insight into some of the many troubles and consequences that lurk in the world. An internship with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department literally showed me how the rubber meets the road in a fast-paced, diverse, and noisy America. The tranquility of campus, contrasted by the rush of metropolitan policing, showed me volumes about how to reason through problems and serve with a purpose.

Six days after graduation, I was hired for a full-time position at a wilderness treatment center. My work allows me to bring Christ to adolescent males who have been adjudicated by the juvenile justice system of North Carolina. Every day has its stresses and challenges, but I sleep at night reassured that my efforts help to change lives and save souls. My time at the Abbey fostered an attitude of gratitude in me, and it has been a joy to apply that sentiment as a professional. Belmont Abbey College provided the opportunities and tools I needed to learn, grow, and serve.”


MichaelBeckerMichael Becker – Class of 2014
Major: Theology
Hometown: Raleigh, NC

“After spending four years at Belmont Abbey College it has become my home. There are so many memories that I have from my time at college ranging from volleyball or Frisbee in the quad, running to mass, or late nights studying or spending time with our Lord in the adoration chapel. Belmont Abbey, for such a small school, presents a wide variety of opportunities for its students to learn and grow. As a Theology major I had many opportunities to work at retreats and youth events, launching me into my career as a youth minister. BAC helped to introduce me to many of the priests and youth ministers of the Diocese and to make the contacts that I would need to get a job later in the future. However, the one aspect of Belmont Abbey which rises above the rest is the people. The friends, professors, monks, and alumni that I met there really made Belmont Abbey a special place to me and the relationships I built helped to form me into the man I am today. I love the Abbey and never for a moment regretted my decision to attend BAC.”