The Belmont Abbey College Campus Police and Safety Department takes seriously its commitment to the safety and well being of its students, faculty, and staff.

The Campus Police and Safety Department is charged with the responsibility for safety and law enforcement on campus. The department employs a Director, Chief and several commissioned police officers.

Campus Police Officers must successfully complete the State of North Carolina commissioning program at an approved police academy. The training curriculum includes such topics as criminal law and procedures, patrol and investigation techniques, firearms, first aid, and physical training. In-service training programs are used to update and enhance the professional skills of the officers.

Campus Police Officers are vested with all the powers, authority, and responsibilities of any police officer of the state of North Carolina , on property owned or operated by the College, including adjacent public streets such as Belmont – Mt. Holly Road. The General Statute governing Campus Safety and Police is G.S. 74-E.

The Campus Police Department cooperates fully with local and state law-enforcement agencies in cases involving either on- or off-campus jurisdictions or when the resources of another agency can be used to facilitate the resolution of an investigation. Campus Police Officers enforce all Federal, State and Local Laws. Campus Police Officers will respond at the request of the Belmont City Police Department or other law enforcement agencies to provide assistance if needed.

Even though Campus Police Officers do not enforce campus policies, officers do document and report violations to the Dean of Student Life .

It is the job of this department to provide a safe environment to all persons, but in providing that environment, we need your assistance. If you have any information regarding criminal activity, safety concerns, on-going investigations, or if you just have a comment, please feel free to contact the Campus Police Department via e-mail or by phone 704. 461.6200.