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Mission of Residence Life

The Mission of Residence Life is to create a residential community that supports the College’s mission and  Catholic identity, and encourages academic achievement and personal growth within the community formed by the Benedictine Hallmarks. The Office strives to foster a welcoming, diverse, and supportive living and learning community which facilitates and edifies mutual respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion, and generosity as residents develop as holistic citizens.

Why is Residence Life so Amazing?

As a residential student, you are part of a rich community. Living and learning together, you will become aware and appreciative of the needs, lifestyles, cultures and diverse backgrounds of others. Life is strengthened and sustained by the connections and contributions generated through your day-to-day interactions within The Abbey community.   Living with your peers on campus is one of the most important growth opportunities provided by Residence Life and the Student Life Staff. You will make friends and develop relationships that last a lifetime. While becoming a part of The Abbey’s traditions, you will help each other transition into college life and become successful community members. We organize and reinforce social relations and establish common values that maintain our rich academic environment while focusing on the mind, body, and spirit supported by the Benedictine Hallmarks. These common values and goals characterize the distinctiveness of the community in which students identify themselves as Abbey students.

Adapting to
Residence Life

The time leading up to check-in will be filled with anticipation, excitement, and some fear. This is completely normal. Our staff is here to assist you any way we can. You will find basic information about life in our residence halls which will be a vital part of your college experience. Please read all the information carefully and do call if you have any questions.

All incoming students must submit a Verification of Immunization Form and medical history prior to arriving on campus in August. Please see the Health Center section of this website for forms and more information.

Important Dates

October 17 – 20: Residence Halls remain open for mid-semester break

November 27 – December 1: Residence Halls closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

November 27: Residence Halls close 9:00 am

December 1: Residence Halls open 2:00 pm

December 14: Residence Halls close for Christmas Holiday at 9:00 am

January 12: Residence Halls open for spring semester at 2:00 pm

March 14 – 22: Residence Halls closed for mid-semester break

March 14: Residence Halls close 9:00 am

March 22: Residence Halls open 2:00 pm

April 9 – 13: Residence Halls remain open for the Easter Holiday

May 9: Residence Halls close at 12:00 pm for non-graduating students

May 17: Residence Halls close at 12:00 pm for graduating students

2019-2020 School Year Information

Incoming residential students will choose meal plans and indicate residential  preferences on the housing application. Students will be sent a housing application  when they deposit.

  • Poellath and O’Connell Halls: $2,914 (double room) or $1,651 (triple room) per semester
  • Raphael Arthur Hall: $1,950 per semester
  • Cuthbert Allen Apartments: $3,254 per semester
  • St. Benedict and St. Scholastica Halls: $3,350 per semester

New student housing assignments are made according to the date of their BAC New Student Housing Application submission in MyHousing.

Returning students select their rooms during room selection in April. They are given a start time for room selection. Their start time is based first on their class year (rising senior, rising junior, or rising sophomore) and second on their cumulative GPA.

  • Basic Meal Plan – $2,133 per semester(plus tax), includes 14 meals per week w/ $200 Flex dollars
  • Unlimited Meal Plan – $2,233 per semester(plus tax), includes unlimited meals per week w/ $100 Flex dollars

Flex Dollars may be used in the campus coffee shop and grill, Holy Grounds. If you run short on Flex Dollars, you can add more throughout the semester. All resident students are assigned to the Basic Meal Plan unless they change to the Unlimited Plan on their Myhousing account before the end of the drop/add period.

Click here for more information about Meal Plans.

Utilizing the Residence Hall Application for new residential students, all rooms are assigned without regard to race, creed, or national origin. New students are assigned in order of deposit date. Mutual roommate requests will be honored. Room assignments and roommate pairings will begin to be made in December (for January) and in June (for August) and will be emailed to you soon after.

Roommates are assigned by the Residence Life Office. Assignments are made using the information supplied on Residence Hall Application. Individuals are matched according to that information. Likewise, mutual requests for roommates and other specific requests are considered on a case by case basis. Every effort will be made to place together mutually requested roommates.

All residents assigned to suites are issued one room key which opens the suite door and individual room door to which he/she is assigned. If you lose your key, you must report this to the Residence Life Office immediately. This will help to assure that the safety and security of you and your fellow residents is protected. If a key is lost or not returned, the student will be charged $275 to cover the cost of lock changes and production of new keys. All keys issued must be returned to the Residence Life Office. The keys cannot be duplicated and are property of Belmont Abbey College.
You should keep your individual room door as well as your suite door locked at all times. Do not leave cash, jewelry or other valuable items in the open.
To guard against theft, record serial numbers of your personal property and mark all items such as laptops, stereos, cameras, etc. with your name or college ID number. Also, if you notice anything or anyone unusual in your building, please report this immediately to a staff member or Campus Safety and Police. In the event that you are the victim of a theft, please notify Campus Safety and Police immediately.

Please remember you are also responsible for any damage done within your suite whether you are present or not. If you keep your suite door closed and locked, you minimize the opportunity for other students to cause damage or enter your room without your permission.

Lastly, all goods and property of students upon the property of the college shall be the sole responsibility of the students, and in no event shall the college be liable for any loss or damage to said goods or property for any reason whatsoever. Students are advised to check if their belongings are covered under their parents’ homeowners insurance while at college or to obtain personal property insurance for their belongings.

Living with others in a residence hall setting is often a learning process. There are Residence Life staff members in each building to assist you. Communication is the key to a positive living situation. Make the time early in the year to talk with your roommate about your living environment. As soon as you get your housing assignment you should start getting to know your roommate with the information provided. You will find that this is an important foundation for a successful year. Roommates will complete a roommate contract in August after Orientation that will assist in establishing guidelines for living together. This process will assist in the”getting to know you” phase of this new important relationship.

Should you have valid personality conflicts that cannot be overcome through mediation, a room switch may be considered. You will be required to attempt to repair the relationship through your RA and/or a professional staff member. Every effort must be made to find a resolution first.

Because most students bring cell phones, the College no longer provides telephone lines in student rooms. It is vital that all students keep the college informed of any change in cell number. You can update your contact information through Self-Service.
Suites in Poellath, O’Connell and Raphael Arthur residence halls have a bathroom with one toilet, one shower and two sinks. Suites in St. Benedict and St. Scholastica residence halls have one toilet, one shower and two sinks.The Cuthbert Allen apartments also have private bathrooms with one toilet, one shower and two sinks. Students are required to store their personal toiletries in their own rooms. The Housekeeping staff cleans each suite bathroom daily and cannot clean the bathroom if personal belongings are in the way. Cuthbert Allen, St. Scholastica, and St. Benedict’s bathrooms are cleaned by Housekeeping twice a week.
Poellath, St. Scholastica and St. Benedict halls each have a full-service kitchen facility. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves after using the kitchen. Each Cuthbert Allen apartment also has a kitchenette therein.

Laundry facilities are located in the lower level of O’Connell, the back of the first Cuthbert Allen apartment, and in each Poellath, St. Benedict, and St. Scholastica halls. There is no need to bring quarters to operate the washers and dryers, just press start on the machines. You must bring/use your own laundry detergent.

At any time, students may use to monitor the status of washers and dryers. Students can also view when are peak use times in the laundry room and when usage is slow.

For all Maintenance issues, please contact your Resident Assistant or the Office of Residence Life immediately to have the repairs addressed. You can also report a problem at
Yes! All buildings on campus, including residence halls, are equipped with wireless internet. For help, please contact the IT Support Center. There is no hard-wire internet in any dorm; internet is via high-speed wireless only. Wireless routers are strictly prohibited. They interfere with the signals and bring down the service for the hall.
You are welcome to bring a rug or carpet. Many students do since some of the rooms in the residence halls are not carpeted. The bedrooms in Cuthbert Allen, St. Scholastica and St. Benedict are carpeted.  There are many stores in the area that carry carpets and other furnishings, so you may want to consider waiting until you arrive, have a chance to see your room and talk with your roommate before you purchase items like this.
Local fire marshal and fire regulations prohibit regular extension cords in the residence halls. Students may use extension cords that have built-in surge protectors. If you use surge protectors, please make sure they are heavy duty with a self-tripping breaker. Your student handbook outlines in more detail what can be in the halls in order to be in compliance with the fire marshal and fire regulations.
Unfortunately, the residence halls do not have extra storage space available. If your items do not fit in your residence hall room or in your vehicle, please send them home with your parents.

If you want to store your belongings locally during the summer months, please find self-storage locally. Many students arrange this with another student; please make those arrangements personally. is the leading self storage directory on the web and is designed to be your one stop shop when searching for self storage or mobile storage throughout the United States. Click here for local storage options.

Yes, each residence hall room is wired for cable. A wide variety of channels are provided including a Belmont Abbey College closed network channel on Channel 17.
Yes, but please note that all of the college-provided furniture must remain in your room. The college provides each student with a bed, mattress, desk, desk chair and a dresser. St. Scholastica and St. Benedict do not have dressers but a wardrobe with two drawers. Cuthbert Allen has wardrobes in addition to the dresser. The apartments also have a couch, chairs, side and coffee tables, and a kitchen table and chairs in the common area. Furniture cannot be disassembled or stored during the year.

Yes, bike racks are located around campus. You must register your bike by getting a parking decal from either the Office of Residence Life or Campus Police. If you choose to bring a bicycle to school, please be sure to lock it up when it’s not in use. For safety reasons, stairwells, hallways, corridors or other public areas may not be used for bicycle storage.

Students are not permitted to smoke in their rooms. In fact, you must smoke 30 feet from a residence hall.

If you would like to bring a fish to school – great! It must be kept in a regularly cleaned water tank. The tank size is limited to 15 gallons. For health and safety reasons, other pets are not permitted in the residence halls or apartments. Please note that this policy also applies to visitors.

There are two places to eat on campus. You may use your meal plan in the student dining hall, known as the Campus Restaurant. You may use your flex dollars or cash in Holy Grounds.

Most of our halls have XL twin mattresses, so you will need extra long sheets to guarantee that they will fit.

All students may participate in the “Residence Halls Linens and College Bedding Program” provided by a third party company. Please visit their website for more information and to place orders.

We have only had a few isolated instances of bed bugs which have been contained quickly; however it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that bed bug breakouts are controlled and contained. Please read this information sheet: Proactive information regarding bed bugs

When you arrive on campus, your Residence Life staff will be able to answer any questions you may have. If they can’t help you, they will find the answer for you or put you in touch with someone who can. If questions arise before you arrive, please feel free to call, write or e-mail us:

Residence Life Office
Belmont Abbey College
100 Belmont-Mt Holly Road
Belmont , NC 28012


Each residence hall room is equipped with mini-blinds. In most cases you will need to bring a curtain rod with you if you wish to hang curtains in addition to the blinds. To minimize damage to the walls, students are asked to use tension rods instead of rods that require brackets.
Student Name: Ex. John Smith
Mailing Address: 100 Belmont Mount Holly Rd. Belmont, NC 28012
  • Alarm clock, radio
  • Area rug, trash can, cleaning supplies
  • Blankets, bedding, pillows
  • Can opener, pots/pans, utensils
  • Computer, TV, gaming systems
  • Curtains with tension rods
  • Dishes, cups, flatware
  • Multi-outlet extensions — must have UL listed surge protectors with a self-tripping breaker
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Iron, small ironing board, laundry supplies
  • Microwave, small refrigerator — also available for rent as one unit. Please click here for more info.
  • Poster putty, removable wall hooks; products that won’t damage the walls
  • Posters, family pictures
  • Plants, small fish tank
  • Shower caddie, toiletries, towels
  • Study lamp
  • Umbrella, rain boots