Dr. Christa Cowen, PhD, MSN, RN

Dr. Christa Cowen, PhD, MSN, RN
Dr. Christa Cowen, PhD, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing,

Meet Dr. Christa Cowen

Known For:
I am known for creating a calm and approachable learning environment while challenging students to dig deeper and not merely accepting information at face value. I encourage students to recognize that information evolves with the latest discoveries, fostering a continuous pursuit of knowledge. Above all else, I empower students to believe in their abilities.

When not in the classroom, can often be found:
Engaging in adventurous activities with my two teenage boys, friends, and family. I am a yoga enthusiast and find peace in nature, traveling, and at church.

Embrace the journey of self-improvement: When you know better, strive to do better, extend grace to yourself, and unfailingly confront your challenges with unwavering resilience. Hold your head high and stand tall with fearless determination.

NU 301 Adult Care of Adults with Acute and Chronic Conditions I
NU 306 Nursing Care of Persons with Psychiatric and Mental Health Conditions

PhD Nursing Education/ Nova Southeastern University
Masters Degree in Nursing Education/ Duke University
Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing/ Temple University

  • Cowen, C. (2023). An Investigation of the Relationship Between Mental Illness Stigma and Emotional Intelligence Among Prelicensure Nursing Students (Order No. 30572785). Available from Dissertations & Theses @ Nova Southeastern University. (2897338580). https://ezproxylocal.library.nova.edu/login?url=https://www.proquest.com/dissertations-theses/investigation-relationship-between-mental-illness/docview/2897338580/se-2
  • Nursing Education and Leadership
  • Evidence-Based Practice
  • Nursing Research
  • Simulation in Nursing Education
  • Critical Care Nursing and Adult Health Nursing

Professional research interests concentrate on the reduction of mental illness stigma among student nurse populations through evidence-based research in nursing education

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