Daniel Kling

Daniel Kling
Assistant Professor of Finance,

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Examples of the classes taught by Daniel Kling:
  • BU 310: Finance
  • BU 311: Financial Management
  • BU 411: Financial Investments
  • EC 201: Introductory Economics I (Macro)
  • EC 202: Introductory Economics II (Micro)

B.A. in Economics and English, Truman State University (2007)

M.A. in Economics, George Mason University (2012)

Ph.D. in Economics, George Mason University (2018)

Pilloff, S., & Kling, D. (2017). How Select Student Characteristics Affect Performance in an Introductory Finance Course. Journal of Financial Education.
Kling, D., & Stratmann, T. (2018). Repeated treatment in a GOTV field experiment: Distinguishing between intensive and extensive margin effects. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.
  • Experimental and behavioral finance and economics (running experiments to understand how people actually act in the real world)
  • Finance education (studying the factors that determine whether or not students succeed, and trying to understand what sort of interventions help)

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