Dr. Elizabeth Elkind

Dr. Elizabeth Elkind
Dr. Elizabeth Elkind

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Elkind

Enjoys promoting Informatics Nursing through scholarly writing.

“True learning takes you out of your comfort zone.”

Examples of classes taught by Dr. Elizabeth Elkind:

  • HC-201
  • NU-66
  • NU-644
  • PhD: Capella University
  • MBA: University of Phoenix
  • MSN: University of Pennsylvania
  • BSN: Holy Family University
  • Editor, Journal of Informatics Nursing

Publications – Peer Reviewed:

  • ANIA, Elkind, E.C., Tyler, D. Belotti, K., Berkes, P., Jensen, L. & Sheinberg, J. (2022). The ANIA guide and toolkit. Nursing downtime preparedness: From SAFER guides to practice. ANIA.
  • McBride, S., Maker, E. V., Ross, A. M., Ross, D., & Elkind, E. C. (2021). Determining awareness of the SAFER guides among nurse informaticists. Journal of Informatics Nursing, 6(4), 6 – 13.
  • Elkind, E. C., & Higgins, K. (2018). Patient portal considerations. Nursing Management, 3(49), 9–11 9 – 11. DOI: 10.1097/01.NUMA.0000530430.91645.34
  • Elkind, E. C., & Higgins, K. (2017). The patient portal: Considerations for the nurse practitioner. The Nurse Practitioner, 42(3), 1-4. DOI: 10.1097/01.NPR.0000512256.32745.c2
  • Elkind, E. C. (2016). When your poster abstract is accepted: Next steps. Journal of Informatics Nursing, 1(2), 21-22.
  • Elkind, E. C. (2016). Promoting poster presentations for professional development: Tips and resources. Journal of Informatics Nursing, 1(1), 26-27.
  • Elkind, E. C. (2010, March). Electronic medical records: Contextualized by healthcare reform. Pennsylvania Nurse, 65(1), 10-12.
  • Elkind, E. C. & Tyler, D. (2010). Kindling the fire for writing. ANIA-CARING Newsletter, 25(1), 7-8.
  • Elkind, E. C. (2009, March). Why information systems are helpful to nursing. Pennsylvania Nurse, 64 (1), 24-25.
  • Elkind, E. C., Wus, L., & Parra, A. (2008, Nov/Dec). The transition of a classroom dysrhythmia course to e-learning. Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, 24(6), 286-289.
  • Elkind, E. C., Finley, M. J., & Narloch, R. (2008, Fall). Ergonomics for the placement of computers on a nursing unit. The Online Journal of Nursing Informatics, 12(3). Retrieved from http://ojni.org/12_3/elkind.htm
  • Nursing/Healthcare Informatics
  • Instructional Design for Online Learning

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